Celtics.com asked fans to send in their shout outs to the Celtics after the season, and Celtics fans responded in droves from all around the globe! Here's just a sample of the hundreds of emails that Celtics.com received.

From Antoine's 3 pointer to beat LA to Kenny Anderson's steal agianst Detroit to the Historical comeback against New Jersey. We the fans thank you for a year to remember. CELTICS #1!
John Medlin

If this is a sign of things to come, we are in for one hell of a ride next year! Celtic fans could not be any more proud of this team!!
Carl Nordstrom

I have been a fanatical Celtics fan for the last 10 years. Finally the 2001-02 season has given us something to cheer about. I have been following your great season from Down Under (Australia) on the Celtics web site. It was huge seeing you guys reach the Eastern conference finals, I was privilaged to see the amazing game 3 comeback on cable TV. It was the the first time I had actually seen the Celtics playing live - and what a game to see!! Well done on a great year, and I hope you go a couple of steps better next year and BEAT LA!!!
Chris Hall

Love for the green is contatious. Beantown is a strange city. After spending one year there as an exchange student I am convinced that the blood of most people in Boston must be green. This city deserves some of the past glory, and it will win in the years to come. Celtic pride has always lived even in the not so succesful years. But right now the Celtics are something to be proud of like never before. I can't wait till training camp starts, can you? And I am not even from Boston, let alone the US. But the love for the green is simply contatious! Thanks to everybody in the Celtic organization.
A Kid From Amsterdam

I just want to congratulate you guys for great season and exciting playoff run! I have been fan since 96, when I first arrived in Boston from Asia. I having been supporting you guys through all the bad and good times. I got hooked on the Celtics because I noticed that you guys had talent and the heart of lions! Proud of you guys for not giving up on dreams and improving your game each season. Keep it up and who knows, maybe you guys will dethrone the Lakers next year!
Ninja Boy

To the 16 time Champs:
I just want to give a shoutout from a diehard Boston Celtics fan here in Rochester, NY. I appreciate all of the sweat and tears that were figuretively and literally shed during this rocky season, and I am extremely grateful of the fact that my favorite team clawed their way to an NBA Conference Final Berth. Kudos to the roleplayers of this storied franchise, and my props go out to one Paul Pierce, who is my favorite player in the game, and one Antoine Walker, who just keeps on comin'. Thanks for a great thrill ride of a season guys.

Can I just say that the CELTICS are the greatest! The CELTICS can make any ordinary person become the most devout sports fan of the face of the earth! Thank you to Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker, and the rest of the greatest team on earth for a great, and exciting season!!! Boston LOVES you!!!!!!
P.S. We'll get 'em next year! Watch out!!!
Bryan & Robert Gaines

Hey this is Michael, Age 14 from Ludlow mass, I've been a Celtics fan since I was 6 and have waited to see them get here for years and now that it has come I am at a loss for words. I am disappointed they didn't go all the way but am ecstatic to see them get to the conference finals. My congratulations are sent to Jim O'Brien and all his assistants for a magnificent job and the entire Celtics team for showing they are not a two-man team and are a force to be reckoned with in the NBA.

Thanks for a great season. I have had season tickets for seven years and you guys have given the fans a super season. See you next year!

Living in Iowa there aren't many other die hard Celtic fans that bleed green like i do. Tthanks for the amazing season and all my smiles and tears. Celtics get ready to roll in 2k3!
John Kenyon

You guys kick some butt! i live in Hawaii and grew up in the Boston area so i bleed green when they lose. I feel that you guys will come back strong next season and are on step a way from #17!
Aloha from the garden island of Kauai!

What can you say about this team, it is the embodiment of Celtics basketball. Paul Pierce a year removed from a vicious attack emerging into one of the elite stars of the game. Antoine Walker continuing his ascent towards team leader while embracing his role as our #2 weapon. Kenny Anderson having his most unselfish and productive year as a Celtic. Guys like Eric Williams, Tony Battie, Walter and others playing with an unselfish passion to do whatever to help the team. As the summer wears on I believe people will really begin to see how special this team really was. They went well above everyone's expectations other than their own. The style of offense was exciting and impressive, while their defense was amongst the best in the league. The 2001-02 Celtics can best be defined as a team that was hungry, determined and not phased by any of the challenges that were placed before them. I am confident the 2002-03 team will bring us one step closer to #17.
Lonnie Curcio

Thanks guys for an AWESOME season!!! We never lost our faith in you through the struggling years and watched you faithfully everynight that we could. Going to the playoff games and watching you was an incredible experience that we will never forget. Looking forward to many more years of watching you during the regular season and of course many more playoff games!! We drove through rain and snow from Maine to watch you play and would do it again in a heartbeat! Again, thanks for making this season very very enjoyable and can't wait for next season to start!
Chip & Penny

I wish to congratulate the entire Celtics organization, from the coaches to the trainers, and especially the players. Thank you all for an exceptional season, both regular AND post. I have been, and will forever be a die-hard Celtics fan for this reason: The Celtics are an exciting team to watch with years of pride and respect behind them and the players continue to raise the bar with such memorable games as Game 3 vs. the Nets. I am proud to call myself a fan and if I had my way, the next season would start tomorrow. Because I know these guys will be even tougher to beat with playoff experience behind them. It's gonna be an exciting new season!
Rori, South Portland, ME

I've been a fan for as far back as I can remember. There was Russell and Company, the "Big Three" and now what I call the Dynamic Duo. There are many teams with their premier players (past and present), but when you talk about dynasty, the Celtics come to mind first. Antoine Walker, Paul Pierce and a superb supporting cast will continue the Celtic dynasty. They had a fantastic season and I'm so proud of them. I will continue to support the Celtics for as long as I'm around.
Jim O'Brien and crew, keep up the wonderful work. I can't wait until next season!
Gayle Coy

Give it up for these guys. For most of the season nobody even realized that the Celtics were playing so well because the Patriots just won the Superbowl. Now, after a great playoff run all Bostonians are bleeding green once again. The chemistry between everyone was awesome and to see everyoneon the same page once again is a real tribute to Coach O'Brien and the Celtics Front Office. I expect the 17th banner will be raised to the rafters this time next season and once again Boston will be the home of the Basketball Gods. GO GREEN!!!!!!!
"The Rippa" - Mark Hathaway

I'm still at a loss for words on the great season you guys had. You gave your heart, body and souls for 98 games and I was along with you for every one of them. At times you made me feel like I wasn't gonna make it through some of those games. I can only imagine how you felt. I didnt get to attend any games during the regular season because of school, but I was there for the Game 4 win over Detroit in the playoffs. I want to thank you for putting on a great show. Everyone is looking forward to a run like this happening every year and I know you can do it. Next time though, this run will end with Number 17 being hoisted to the rafters. I knew you had the talent and desire to make it this far. A lot of people may not have believed in you but I still did. I've been a die hard celtics fan since I was born back in 84! I dont remember much of the Celtic Pride back then, but it feels good to experience it now. I've been there for the bad times of the past and I am so happy the good times are here for you guys. In my eyes, you are the world champs! It's only a matter of time before the NBA and everyone else will find that out. Looking forward to 2003!!! Thanks again for a great year!
John - Andover Ma

The passion is back!! It was so great to be re-energized as a Celtics fan. I've been a fan for 21 years, since I was 10-years old. I salute this team for making me excited about Celtics basketball again. It was pure joy watching them succeed, and I cannot wait until they tip-off again in October. Rest up boys, the best has yet to come!!
Kyle J. Molee, Atlanta, GA

I want to make a shout out to this year's Boston Celtics team. Going into the year, I told everyone I knew that the Celtics could have home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. And after the trade for Rodney Rogers and Tony Delk, i thought that you guys would be good enough to win the title. I got laughed at both times, of course. But you guys played your hearts out, and with the two superstars only being 25 years old, I anticipate the Celtics winning #17 in the near future. I'm 18 years old, I've always been a Celtic fan since I can remember. No longer do I get laughed at for being your fan. It was fun to see all of the Celtics fans who had deserted the team come back and root for you. Even during the 15 win season, I watched every game that came on my TV. Thanks to your hard work, dedication, and natural abilities, I have also had a great year. I was at the Game 3 comeback against the Nets. I predicted just as the 4th quarter was about to start that you would come back, and thanks to your perseverance, I proved to be right. Thank you very much for this season, I will never forget it. Good Luck in the future guys, I'll be watching.
Eric Graham, Swansea, MA

Hi guys! Thanks for the great season! I'm from Germany so please ignore the mistakes. You guys out there did a great job! The whole season I couldn't believe it! That was great BBall the whole season! And the greatest sensation: THE PLAYOFFS CONFERENCE FINALS! You have so many Playoff-Rookies on the team and all experts said that you would lose against the Sixers, but you showed us what to do in such situations! Boston: The 2003 Finals are waiting for you, so don't miss the date!
Christian Bögeholz

Greetings and congratulations on an awesome season from Dublin, Ireland! My Father, Brother and I all followed your amazing run through the playoffs on an English TV station, your comeback win against New Jersey was the most inspiring basketball game I have ever seen. Can't wait to come to Boston next summer to see you guys kick some more Eastern Conference butts!
Have a nice summer off guys, if you're ever in Dublin the Pints are on me!
Cormac, Ireland