We are excited to have Antoine back and I know he is excited to be back. We made the move because we felt the time and price was right as we make our playoff push. We have some youth and athleticism and are at a place when we can use some veteran experience and he provides that.

When we traded Antoine it was not personal as reported, it was strictly business. At the time I felt we needed to become more athletic, younger, as well as a little more diversified. I think we have been able to do that. We took Antoine and were able to get Raef LaFrentz and Jiri Welsch, and had the ability to add some talented young players like Tony Allen and Delonte West. Now we are able to move Jiri for a first round pick and get Antoine back.

I feel he will have to make some adjustments to his game to fit Doc's system and believe he will do that. I spoke with Antoine earlier and he is very excited to be back in Boston. He is thrilled to return after where he has been and getting him back in that frame of mind is great for us and him. Doc also spoke with him and we are both hopeful we will have him available to play tomorrow (Friday) in Utah.

As far as our point guard depth, we believe in Marcus and Delonte. They have learned a great deal under Gary and if you never take the training wheels off you will never know if they can ride the bike. I think having a talented ball handler like Antoine on the floor will also alleviate some pressure.

The Jiri trade was simply a numbers game. If you remember back to training camp I said we were going to have some battles at some positions and his was one of the key one's. I thought Jiri had a good camp and played well for us, even starting several games. At the end of the day, we are really pleased with Ricky's play and are excited with how Tony Allen has emerged. I also feel Delonte can play some two guard as well. I look forward to watching this team come together down the stretch-run.