With the Red Sox in the World Series, everyone in Boston is caught up in the action, including the Celtics. Here's what some of the guys had to say about the Sox...

Head Coach Doc Rivers

"I think it's always a good thing when teams win in your city for a lot of reasons," Head Coach Doc Rivers explained. "I think it helps your guys. You have a next door neighbor that you can point to just in characteristics. We have two of them. We have the Patriots, who set the first example of toughness, of winning, of mental toughness, of being a team."

"And the Red Sox... forget the baseball part - I like the fact that you saw them hugging each other," Rivers went on to say. "The thing that stood out to me is after every game when they interviewed one of the key guys, he never talked about himself... To me, it gives us great stuff to talk about."

Captain Paul Pierce

"I think this is great," said All-Star forward Paul Pierce. "This is what Boston sports fans are all about - supporting their team. It is fun for me because not only do I have friends on the team, but I also hope that soon they are supporting us the same way, and are as excited about our games. But for now, I am watching all of the games like everyone else, and hope they go on to win the whole thing and erase the curse."

Executive Director of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge

"I think this is awesome," Ainge admitted. "I really believe that the excellence the Patriots and the Red Sox are showing puts pressure on our organization to succeed. It raises our expectations. For the players, the coaches, management - everybody - it raises the bar. I think it's exciting."

Check back later this week for updated quotes and opinions as the Celtics weigh in with their opinions on the Red Sox appearance in the 2004 World Series. Go Sox!