That's What He Said

Game 1: Celtics at Knicks
Madison Square Garden, April 20, 2013/>

Celtics 78/>

Doc Rivers

Re: The game

"We turned the ball over a ton and I thought our spacing was horrendous in the second half. I thought each guy held the ball and tried to make their own play and I’ve talked about that before the game. That’s not who we are, we can’t be that way, and we tried to play that way in the second half. Really couldn’t get them out of it either, so that was disappointing. But overall I saw a lot things we can do and we have to do it."

Re: Both teams' offensive games:

"Let me just say, if you told me before the game that they were going to score 85 points and shoot 40 percent from the field and we were going to shoot a higher percentage I’d take it... I thought there were areas late clock where we really broke down and allowed them to catch the ball. I haven’t watched the film yet but my eyes tell me that Melo (Carmelo Anthony) caught the ball late clock in the fourth quarter three or four times with less than eight seconds left, and that shouldn’t happen... Overall I’ll take it. Defensively both teams played pretty well. Offensively I guarantee you Woody (Mike Woodson) wants to be better and so do I"

Re: His players and rest:

"We have to find a way to get Jeff (Green) more minutes (of rest), I honestly thought we just left him out there and he got tired. The biggest part of the game was the beginning of the third quarter. We came out flat for whatever reason. It’s almost like we put so much emotion into the game that we just didn’t have a lot left early in the 3rd. We gathered ourselves, but that’s how I felt. That’s what I mean by composure. I just thought we were flat, I thought the last thing was composure. I think we’ll be better. Our bench has to give us something. ‘Jet’ (Jason Terry) obviously didn’t have a lot tonight. We had our stretches. I think Jordan Crawford is going to give us more and he didn’t because we didn’t play him enough., Our starters have to play well for us to win this series, and their starters have to play well. It’s going to be that type of series."


Paul Pierce

Re: The game:

"Offensively we got to do a better job with our execution. I think we turned the ball over too much, allowed them to get offensive rebounds in the fourth and that’s huge in a playoff game. When you turn the ball over, when you don’t execute especially in the playoffs and down the stretch in a close game."

Re: Turning the ball over:

"Some were forced, some were just bonehead plays. We got to have better execution. Everyone has to know where they got to be on the floor. Everyone has to get to their spots, understand when we get to the fourth quarter everyone has to be on the same page. Games are too big at this point for us to not be at that point especially in the playoffs down the stretch."

Re: What will change in the second game:

"We know things that we did that cost us the game tonight. Hopefully we can go into Game 2 and clean those things up. I’m happy with the defense we played tonight. Overall, I’ll take that in a seven game series, but offensively we have to do a better job protecting the ball and rebounding the ball."


Kevin Garnett

Re: The game:

"20 turnovers and I think 10 offensive rebounds ... that’s too much. Playing on the road and against a good team that’s energized, you don’t help yourself. You don’t give yourself the chance to win like that. I thought that defensively, we were sound. I thought we did a lot of good things, but we obviously thought that our defense was better than our offense. We couldn’t put the ball in the basket but on the road, down two at times, still having the chance to win ... I like that, but we have to go to the film, apply some things and get ready for Game Two."

Re: The Knicks and the second half:

"Our ball movement is a big part of our offense. I thought we had matchups. We did not take advantage of them at times and at time we did ... and then their (the Knicks) scoring. The Knicks are not number one for nothing. They did not win their division because they were lazy or because they were a ‘B’ team. My hat goes off to them. They played really well today."

Re: What Boston's gameplan was:

"We were trying to take advantage of the matchups and force it. They (the Knicks) have been doing this all year. Our tempo is where we want it to be. We know that Melo (Carmelo Anthony) is a volume shooter. J.R. Smith is a volume shooter. That’s not going to change. Our job is to slow them down in the best way we can. We have to communicate with each other and then we have to score the basketball... put the ball in the hole."


Jeff Green

Re: The second half:

"They started to be more aggressive when I caught the ball, they were coming with double teams. I didn’t get out in transition like I did in the first half. I just have to continue to be aggressive... Like I said, they were just more aggressive than we were. Their double teams were strong. They forced turnovers. We weren’t in our sets correctly. They just upped the pressure and we kind of backed up on our heels. That’s something that we can’t do."

Re: Celtics fans:

"Our fans are what give us the extra boost of energy when the fourth quarter comes around. It’s been a tough week for our city, I’m sure a lot of people wanted to come down but couldn’t because of the circumstances that took place. We miss them, it’s the playoffs. The atmosphere here is going to be mostly geared towards the Knicks. We have to find a way ourselves, the people on our team, the 13 guys we have, the coaches, we have to figure out a way to get it done. This is Knicks’ territory, we have to do our part to make sure we stay in the game and make sure we have each other’s back."

Re: Paul Pierce:

"Paul is our go-to-guy. But other guys... Myself, Jet (Jason Terry), Courtney (Lee), Avery (Bradley). We have to continue to be aggressive. We can’t rely on Paul. We can’t rely on KG (Kevin Garnett). We have to make sure that if we are in the game that we are helping him. If we’re aggressive, that means the defense has to gear their focus towards us. That will leave Paul open a lot. He’s going to get his shots and he’s going to make the shots. He’s done it his whole career. I think we as a group need to continue to be aggressive and try to take the pressure of off Paul."


Knicks 85/>

Mike Woodson

Re: The second half:

"We made some adjustments. The first half, our backside defense wasn’t solid. We were pretty good on the strong side of the ball but our backside was awfully weak so we went back and looked at that and I thought we adjusted there. I thought our pick-and-roll coverage was pretty good in the second half. It was a total team effort in terms of how we covered up for one another where there were breakdowns in the second half."

Re: Kenyon Martin and Jason Kidd

"I like to look at what we did tonight as a total team effort but they were big. Kenyon kept balls alive and was battling with (Kevin) Garnett inside. He had a couple of nice finishes. I thought the pass Melo (Carmelo Anthony) made when he got doubled up top was a major catch because it had so much steam on the ball because he was able to handle the pass. Jason has been doing it all season...what can you say...loose balls...strips and he keeps the ball alive. He seems to be at he right place at the right time."

Re: Jeff Green

"We changed up coverages. Melo (Carmelo Anthony) covered him most of the second half and I thought he did an excellent job on him. He is a young talent. He gets in the open court and pouts heat on you there, is capable of posting and he is pretty good one-on-one player. He has tools. I thought our defense did a great job on him in the second half."


Carmelo Anthony

Re: Winning Game One:

"It is a wonderful feeling knowing we got our first win of the series here on our home court. We took care of business. It was real important to come out and get this first win and we did that."

Re: The series:

"It is going to be a battle. Although we won today we didn’t really do anything. We protected our home court and got our first win. Game Two is going to be even tougher and harder. We have to keep that mentality. We have to have a 48-minute mentality. We started off pretty good. They came back, they stayed with it, they made a run, and they got up. We kept our composure and we made our run."

Re: The flow of the game:

"We got down. They went up seven. We called a timeout. It was a matter of us willing our way on the defensive end. That fourth quarter was a good quarter for us. I think we held them to eight points in that fourth quarter. When we play defense like that, get out in transition and get easy baskets that part of the game opens up for us."


J.R. Smith

Re: The first half:

"We gave up too many layups early. Avery Bradley was able to get a lot of back-door cuts. We have to put that to a halt. Jeff Green had a great first half. We had to drift towards him, send two guys and make him shoot over our bigs. I think we did a great job of keeping him out of the paint."

Re: The Knick's offensive game:

"Everybody pretty much knows we are going to Melo (Carmelo Anthony). We have to make everyone else at least look like a threat in order for us to be successful. When we started doing that we got wide open shots. Even though we didn’t make them it helped us shift the defense."

Re: New York's defense:

"Keep people out of the paint. That is the big thing. That is the big thing to keep them out of the paint and let them shoot contested jumpers. We have to rebound. They did a great job of rebounding the ball between (Brandon) Bass and KG (Kevin Garnett) and (Jeff) Green. Our guys have to come back and help."


Raymond Felton

Re: Winning Game One:

"It was big. In the playoffs the first game is always one of the biggest games especially when you are at home. We knew we were going to be in a dog fight. We knew it wasn’t going to be a blow out. That is playoff basketball. We were able to grind it out and get the win."

Re: Driving to the basket:

"It is one of those things I have to do. I have to be aggressive in order to get Melo (Carmelo Anthony) and J.R. (Smith) and those guys some easy shots...get everyone easy shots. If I don’t get into the paint, Tyson (Chandler) and I causing havoc at the rim, then those guys won’t be able to hit their jump shots on the perimeter."

Re: Jason Kidd:

"He is a guy who leaves it all out there. His steals, his deflections, he is always in the mix of something. He has been great for us all year."