That's What He Said - Celtics at Magic, April 13, 2013

That's What He Said

Celtics at Magic
Amway Center, April 13, 2013

Celtics 120

Doc Rivers

Re: The Celtics' big win:

"It was good. I just thought we had a lot of good rhythm and a lot of good work. We really wanted to establish Kevin (Garnett), just get him some post rhythm. I thought the last week, two weeks he really got out of that. To get him back into that was nice. It was good to see Jeff (Green) be aggressive with that group. So, it was a lot of good things, defensively it was terrific."

Re: The health of the team heading into the playoffs:

"Our health is good. Kevin (Garnett) feels great. We’ve given him a ton of rest over the last three or four weeks. We’ve given Paul (Pierce) rest. Jet (Jason Terry), who didn’t play tonight, will not play the next game most likely. He may play in Toronto. Our veteran guys have gotten a ton of rest. Our young guys are getting a lot of playing time which will get them going for The Playoffs. So, I think we’re setting ourselves up for a pretty good run."

Re: Importance of having a complete game:

"It was good, especially guys like Jordan (Crawford) and Courtney (Lee). They’ve been struggling. Jordan hasn’t, but Courtney has. So, I just thought it was important for him to get a good rhythm offensively. So it was nice."

Paul Pierce

Re: The Celtics preparing for the playoffs:

"Well tonight was a step forward definitely. Me and Kevin were able to get out there and do some of the things that we’re trying to accomplish going into the playoffs. Looks like now we secured the seven seed so most likely it’s looking like it’s New York so that’s a good thing knowing that we had to get this win tonight."

Re: Working as a team to regain a rhythm:

"Well it’s going to be on the coaches. We’ve got the next six, seven days pretty much. We can probably start preparing on Monday on who we’re going to see in the playoffs on top of seeing Indiana; we’re not going to look past them. We can start preparing about who we’re going to see, doing a little bit of scouting on them on Monday and some of the things that we’re going to do in practice."

Re: Ending their road trip on a good note:

"I think you put the veterans out there. Me and Kevin really bring the rest of the team at a certain ease because you’ve got your leaders out there. Everybody understands their role now once you’ve got me and Kevin out there. When we’re not out there then sometimes things change and it’s hard to make the adjustment, but I think once we’re out there everybody eases into their role and that creates the chemistry for us and that’s why it looked easy tonight."

Kevin Garnett

Re: Being able to rest players:

"Rest is always good. It’s never anything wrong with rest, especially when you need it, especially when you’re trying to prepare for things to come. It’s not that we’re preparing with the team, we’re just not playing some of these games. We all know what the issues are; we know what’s ahead of us. Doc always reminds us to take each game one at a time. For the most part, tonight’s game was very important for us. We had talked about the schedule a long time ago, Paul and I and that’s what it was. Rest is always good. It doesn’t mean that we’re not in a rhythm just because we’re not playing some of these games or we’re not preparing with our team."

Re: Brandon Bass:

"Brandon is like an X-factor, he and Jeff Green are huge factors for us. Not only can he defend but he can definitely score the ball. When he understands that he’s great. As any player, Brandon is doing all the different things but when he’s on, he’s perfect for us. He’s going to be a real big part of our success."

Magic 88

Jacque Vaughn

Re: The determining factor in the game:

"I think just the aggressive nature that Boston came out with put us back on our heels, and we talked about that at the beginning of the game is that they were going to come out with an approach that was very serious, very business-like and they did—and great lesson for us going forward. You win one game and it has no carry over from the last game, doesn’t mean a thing, that game’s over with, and can you prepare yourself for the next game. Great thing is we have a lot of work to do and we’ll do it."

Re: The need to put together consecutive wins:

"It is the next step or one of the steps we have to take. Just realizing that every game it’s a game within itself and you have to prepare yourself and that starts at the beginning of the day, thinking about your matchup, thinking about game plan and that way when things don’t go the way you want them to, maybe shots don’t go in, you have a place of calm because you’ve prepared yourself. And that’s the best area that a player should live in, being prepared and being consistent."

Re: Highs and lows of the NBA season:

"Well that’s what we have to try to get the guys away from and that’s why I’m always trying to preach consistency and that’s the best place for every player, really. But you have to give credit to those guys in the other locker room. Boston came out with motivation to do things playoff-wise for them to get rolling playoff rhythm for them. They came out really aggressive at the beginning of the game and gave us a good challenge tonight."

Tobias Harris

Re: The loss:

"It’s very disappointing. To play a great team like the Celtics, just didn’t live up to the opportunity. I mean it’s just a tough game for us. We have to take their first punch and keep playing and we just couldn’t get a stop out there really, couldn’t get a rhythm. That’s a play-off team right there. That’s a team that has guys that has won an NBA championship and we’ve got to take notes from them."

Re: The difference between the two teams on Saturday:

"When a team comes out like that the first two minutes and basically empowers their will on us, it shows that they’re not just going to run in here and think this is easy. They gave us the first punch and really just kept going with it and played as well as they can. And we didn’t respond, we have to take notes from that, and learn from that. You know when we get to where we need to be, we have to do that to other teams. We have to know that when we come out to play, we have to do the same thing, scare the other team. They came out there in the first two minutes and it wasn’t a night where they were making all their shots or not, it was their whole demeanor, their whole swag out there on the court. It was, 'We are going to impose our will on you guys.'"

Re: Kevin Garnett

"KG is one of the best to do it. You look at him out there and the leadership he has out there for those guys on that team. His craft out there on the post, or he made his shots, I mean you just look at that and you just have to learn from that, We have to be like that, we have to take notes on a game like this. Forget what the score was, we have to learn from a game like that."

Kyle O’Quinn

Re: Boston's demeanor on the court:

"The most impressive thing, was they have a post in the play-offs, and they still played like they were fighting to make the play-offs. We have to get better. Every day we have to take advantage of those teaching points. Those guys out there playing, we just have to learn everything we can from them."

Re: The Celtics' professionalism:

"It’s a long season but you have to lay every day like its playing for a play-off spot. And they already had one locked up. Just being a professional and that’s what we have to learn as young players."

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