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Heat at Celtics
TD Garden, March 18, 2013/>

Celtics 93/>

Doc Rivers

Re: The game:

"We didn’t play well tonight. So I’m not looking at that as thought we need to go back to the drawing board or anything tonight. I thought they had a clear sense of purpose tonight – them – and I thought we kind of showed up to play. I thought they really took it to us. I thought the fouls of Avery (Bradley) early hurt our rhythm, took us out of our offense a little bit, and honestly we never got it. I thought we played one good quarter, in my opinion, the third quarter, because we attacked the basket. It’s amazing when you look at the three games, it’s so clear the aggressor has won. And it’s amazing just watching. We lived in the paint the last time we played them; tonight we just took the first easy shot and a lot of them were contested."

Re: Paul Pierce in the third quarter:

"He just came out aggressive. He was upset; he didn’t like the way we were playing. He saw it, and he kind of – you know, it’s funny, the first thing he said walking in at halftime, ‘We have zero free-throws, and we don’t deserve them. We’ve got to attack.’ And I thought we did that, a better job of that."

Re: Bradley's foul trouble:

"He just picked up the fouls, and then – I don’t know. I actually think he’s playing really good defense, and I don’t know, those are the ones I didn’t like. And he just had one of those games when you pick up two fouls, you take him out, you come on the floor, and you bump into your third foul. He starts the third quarter, I thought Deron (Williams) pushed him down, and then all of a sudden their feet get tangled and all of a sudden you’ve got your fourth foul. Those games happen; it had to be unbelievably frustrating for him. It was probably, really frustrating for our team as well, because we needed him. It’s no coincidence that right when Avery went off, out, the floor Deron Williams got ultra-aggressive. And I give Deron a lot of credit; when Avery picked up that first foul, he attacked him. Because they know; they want him off the floor. So Deron’s smart. He wants to score. And the best way to do that is taking Avery off the floor."


Paul Pierce

Re: Tonight being a step back for the playoffs:

"You know it's a combination of both. They came in with a better sense of urgency like the playoffs are around the corner, and we sort of eased into it and you can't do that with a week and a half left. In the game they came out with more purpose that us and you saw that from the beginning to the end. You gotta understand, we gotta raise our intensity at this point of the season. We gotta start prepping out mind, our mindset, our game plan and everything we do for the playoffs, and it was a step back."

Re: The impact of Bradley's foul trouble:

"It really hurt. You talk about a premier guard, a premier defensive guard who for the most part were gonna put on Deron Williams for most of the night…I just thought he probably got robbed on a couple of calls that could have went either way that could have kept him out of foul trouble, but he’s playing against an All-Star point guard, and some nights the calls aren’t gonna go your way. So you just gotta learn from this, pick your spots, put your hands in your pockets and try to be solid from time to time cause we need him out there against the best guards in the league."

Re: Lack of free throws showing lack of aggression:

"Yeah definitely. You know I was really shocked when I saw that stat at the half. It just shows you that we were a passive team, we settled for jumpers instead of attacking them, getting in the paint. They were aggressive all night and we sort of settled for jump shots, and that was evidenced by free throws. We should never go a half where we take no free throws."


Kevin Garnett

Re: Consistency issues:

"I think we're focusing on too much on the playoffs, that’s not here yet. I think we need to focus and lock in on these games that we have left and put the energy and effort behind that. I think we're stressing too much on the future, and the future's not here yet. We need to take this one game at a time and then start to prepare for whatever’s after this."

Re: New lineup combinations affecting Boston's game:

"Absolutely. We're working on new schemes. Doc said postgame, 'The focus needs to be game by game.' I agree. But like you said, chemistry is still to the point where we're still trying to bond it and correct some things."


Nets 101/>

P.J. Carlesimo

Re: His team's performance:

"I just thought our guys, the focus was excellent. And I thought we got some big lifts from guys off the bench. Our big three were really good. I thought Reggie (Evans) was excellent. (Jerry Stackhouse) was incredible having to stretch out his minutes when we lost Gerald (Wallace). Normally that would cause us some mismatch problems, and Paul (Pierce) got away from us a little bit for that one stretch. But so many guys played well."

Re: What helped push the Nets to a win:

"A lot of good decisions on offense, you know they’re such a good defensive team, I thought we moved the ball when it was appropriate. We got the ball to the back side. But guys were aggressive, got into the penalty. I mean (Deron Williams) was unbelievable; he had 29 points, 12 assists. He didn’t miss a free throw. We shot 25-28. I mean when you, first to get to the free throw line was important, we know they’re an aggressive team so that was one of our goals. That’s probably what we’ve averaged in the four games but you’ve got to make them. To make the 25 out of 28 it just enabled us to play with a cushion for most of the game."

Re: If this was a "playoff win":

"Well, it’s close. You know, I mean, I don’t think you have the desperation you’re going to have from either team in the playoffs. I think Boston really came to play and we really came to play but to say it’s the same desperation level you’re probably going to see in the playoffs, I don’t think. I think this, along with our game on Friday is clearly the best preparation we could have going forward to the playoffs. So this game and if we can regroup for Friday night, that’ll be the two most important games we have getting ready for next Saturday or Sunday."


Jerry Stackhouse

Re: How well Deron Williams has been playing:

"He’s playing exceptionally well. I mean I think he started out the season a little slow. Rather, with some injuries earlier in the season. But since the All-Star break he took some time and really worked on his body and got himself going. He’s been as good as any point guard in the league the month and a half, two months after the break. With Joe (Johnson) kind of still rounding back into form from his foot injury, he’s carried us. A lot of nights we just let him roll and he’s been getting it done for us."

Re: Gerald Wallace's injury:

"It is what it is. You hate to see someone go down – one of our main guys. Hopefully he gets back and gets well. Every day, every game that I don’t play I sit on the edge of my seat wanting to play. I’m never comfortable or happy that I’m not playing. I want to play every game."

Re: Being able to answer the Celtics' run in the second half:

"I think it was that we were conscious of it. We were telling ourselves in timeouts, coming out of timeouts, coming out of the half, that even though we had a little cushion, they were going make a run. Too good of a team – a veteran team, great team that knows how to play. They’re going to make a run. We have to be able to withstand their run and be able to make a run back at them ourselves."


Deron Williams

Re: Attacking more because Avery Bradley was in foul trouble:

"Yeah. You know, Avery’s a tough defender and you can’t really afford to play around with the ball, so I was just trying to make quick moves – one or two dribbles and then go. Then once I saw that he was in foul trouble I tried to be a little bit more aggressive."

Re: His comfort level on the court:

"Really comfortable, for the most part. I was able to attack the rim a lot, get to the free throw line ten times. That helps build confidence getting to the free throw line and knocking them down."

Re: Liking where the Nets are at right now:

"I mean this was a big win for us and I think these next five games we’ll be able to tell where we’re at too. We’ve been up and down a lot this season but these last two wins have been something to build on so hopefully we can not take any more steps back and just keep moving forward."