That's What He Said - Wizards at Celtics, April 7, 2013

That's What He Said

Wizards at Celtics
TD Garden, March 18, 2013

Celtics 107

Doc Rivers

Re: Brandon Bass playing better in the late season:

"I think he’s been for a while, too, and I really think it started for him on the other end. Like I said the other day. But you know, listen, with Kevin (Garnett) especially, and with Jeff (Green), he’s just making open shots. 9-for-12, he’s just efficient, you still want him to rebound, we want the whole team to rebound more. But overall I think he’s playing terrific. I think he’s in a wonderful place right now."

Re: The player rotations for Garnett:

"Yeah, it’s good. It’s good. You know especially the way we’re playing Kevin; you play him those four minutes, five minutes, and you take him out. We went with Shav (Randolph) first and then we were playing Chris (Wilcox) with Kevin, which we think helps Chris. I think it helps him. And it gives Kevin some minutes at the four instead of at the five all game. So it worked tonight. And they’re a big team so I thought it’d be a good test case because of their size. And I thought it went pretty well. I think this is the first game in a long time that we really didn’t go small at all."

Re: Garnett's return:

"I thought he was really good, really good. And I thought his rhythm was good early. I was surprised how well he was running; I noticed that yesterday in practice. We did all fast-break stuff and I was just doing it for him, just so he could blow his lungs out, and I was surprised how well he was running. So that was good. And I don’t know what we played him – 24 minutes – that’s, I mean, you couldn’t script that. That was perfect."

Kevin Garnett

Re: How it felt to be back:

"I felt okay. I felt strong enough to play. I thought decent in my minutes and I picked and choosed when I was aggressive. I did the things I typically do. That was it. I told Ed that if I felt like I couldn’t go that I wouldn’t push myself but Doc has a lot of trust in what I’m doing. We were on the same page so so far so good."

Re: How the C's have played in his absence:

"The first positive as anybody – Jeff Green is giving us a huge lift, I think Avery’s giving us a huge lift. Shav is playing unbelievable basketball. I think he’s found his little niche in here. That’s what you need. You need a good strong 11, if not eight, whatever the rotation is. We have some chemistry and rhythm with that group."

Re: The Celtics' playoff chances:

"I’ve always felt better. I know what I have in there, I know who’s willing to fight, who’s not going to lay down. I’d take a bunch of fighters over some skill people any day."

Paul Pierce

Re: How encouraging it is to see Bass playing well heading into playoffs:

"It's good to be playing the best basketball at the right time, and right now is the right time going into the playoffs for some guys to get their confidence going and start having some big games. That’s gonna be huge for us if he continues to play well going into the playoffs, and the great thing about it is he’s doing it all off of the hustle plays and off of ball movement. When you can do things like that without a play being called for you…that’s beautiful."

Re: Getting used to new lineups:

"That’s gonna be up to Doc, whoever he decides he wants out there, but the key for us is to develop that consistency over the next week and a half, what we want to do and who we want to be going into the playoffs, and tonight is an example of that when we play the right way, when we defend we score 107 points, score in the paint and we can limit the other team."

Re: Winning the Red Auerbach Award:

"You know, it's an honor to receive that award as someone who best represents the Celtics on and off the court. It really says a lot about the things I've done not only on the court but off the court. With Red’s name on it, I was able to receive the first one, for me to get another one is a true honor."

Wizards 96

Randy Wittman

Re: What happened in the third quarter:

"we came out and we couldn’t get a basket. They shot the ball extremely well. They were better than us tonight. Sometimes you have to tip your hat to the other team. It’s not so much us. I thought they shot the ball extremely well tonight and during that stretch in the third quarter we couldn’t buy a basket to try and keep it back and forth like a tennis match, and we dug ourselves a hole. Again, they kept fighting. I told them each timeout. They put Kevin (Garnett) back in, they put Paul (Pierce) back in, got it to ten I think or whatever. Tried to take it from 18 – tried to make a game of it. We tried to do that. They were just better than us tonight. They played a good game."

Re: Boston's defense:

"Yeah, we had trouble passing with some of our bigs. Turnovers they turned into points. We didn’t have a lot - 17 – but our bigs had seven of them. That usually leads to a fast break layup when your bigs turn it over. We had that stretch in the third quarter where we struggled offensively and they were clicking offensively and that was the difference."

Re: Washington's injuries:

"I think they’re okay. (Trevor Booker) I’m going to check on. He got kneed in the thigh I think, or the side of the knee – one of the two, don’t quote me on that. He couldn’t play the second half. Trevor (Ariza) jammed his ankle – he came down jammed it a little bit. He said he should be fine."

John Wall

Re: The game:

"We just really didn’t do a good job defensively when you get down to it. Then they shot like 75, 80 percent in the third quarter, making everything. Contested shots, they even made a couple buzzer beaters in the third quarter with the shot clock. They did a good job executing, we just didn’t do a great job of that. We couldn’t make enough shots in the third quarter to win us the game. We play a team like this and when you’re not playing great defensively you have got to be able to make shots and we had a tough night."

Re: His performance:

"Well in the second quarter I really didn’t have opportunities to get where I wanted to so I just found my teammates. Third quarter I think some calls didn’t go my way but that’s just how the game goes sometimes, you have just got to keep playing. But I missed a couple easy jump shots that I was making earlier in the game. So I just kept playing aggressive and I missed a couple easy ones. But they did start trapping me and I found my big mans. We just weren’t able to knock down shots as a team together."

Re: Jordan Crawford:

"It’s totally different. His role is totally different on this side. I know he’s probably enjoying it because they’re going to the playoffs. That’s one thing we never experienced in our career so far and he has a chance to do that this year, so that’s a big congrats to him and good luck to the Celtics."


Re: What led to Boston's victory:

"They made tough shots. And they know basketball. They explore their advantage on the post. They ride, they play with each other, they play with confidence and we got right there but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough to stop Boston."

Re: The Celtics being the only Eastern Conference team Washington hasn't beaten this year:

"They know how to play, they know basketball. Boston’s the same like San Antonio. The big man, they know how to help each other. The guys on the top know how to play basketball, to cut, to screen, they make tough shots. So a team like that is hard to stop."