That's What He Said

Hawks at Celtics
TD Garden, March 29, 2013/>

Celtics 118/>

Doc Rivers

Re: Terrence Williams giving quality minutes:

"Well, I just think there’s going to be someone every night. I thought Terrence (Williams) in the first half was phenomenal. All we’ve asked him to do is every time you get it, be a locomotive. Literally. Be a locomotive: run straight down the middle of the floor as fast as you can, and if someone gets in your way then that means someone else will be open. And he did it twice and went coast to coast with dunks. He has – when you look at his body – there’s not a lot of guys that want to get in front of that."

Re: Paul Pierce’s triple-double:

"I didn’t even know that. That’s nice. Well he’s just so smart, and he’s never in a rush. He was really disappointed in the turnovers he had in the Cleveland game. You knew that, coming into tonight. And we just told him to ‘Be an aggressive scorer. Your instincts will make you pass.’ I think when he goes in the game and tries to pass he gets himself in trouble. When he goes into games to try to be the scorer, they’re going to double team. He’s going to have to pass. And he’ll make the right decisions that way. I like that mindset better."

Re: Shavlik Randolph surprising him:

"He’s proven that he can rebound, and he mixes it up. And he’s been put in those positions and he’s been doing it. So I’m really, really happy for him. Our guys – I thought he gave us so much energy. You can see the bench jumping around for rebounding; that’s really impressive. And then I thought he did a lot of good things with the ball once he got it. Some of the times he put it back up, a lot of times he threw it back out. I just thought he did a lot of good things."


Paul Pierce

Re: The offense carrying the C's to a win:

"Yeah, they really shoot the ball really well from the perimeter the way they spread you. Josh (Smith) is so versatile and (Jeff) Teague is so fast. But sometimes the defense is there and the offense is going. It’s nice when you have them both at the same time. Tonight was definitely an offensive-paced game for both teams and sometimes it goes like that. It’s good that way when we can outscore our opponent. Other than that, we have to play better defense."

Re: Rondo’s presence on the bench:

"Definitely. It’s good to get him around the guys, to see some of his new teammates. Who knows – a lot of these guys might be here for him next year. It’s good for him to get acquainted with them. He’s done his surgery, he seems to be in good spirits, so its good to see him."

Re: Getting good nights from the young guys:

"Well we need it. It has to come from everybody. Like I said, due to the injuries, guys are getting opportunities. This is what we have in here so guys are ready to come in here and play the minutes that they haven’t been able to play before and here’s your opportunity for coach to look at you maybe for the future. Here’s your chance to show it. I think he’s (Randolph) doing a good job of it. Him and Terrence (Williams) are really stepping up to the occasion in their extended minutes and its helping our ball club become better also."


Jason Terry

Re: How important is the ball movement:

"Well when we didn’t have it we lost six in a row and that was recent, so obviously it’s a glaring fact. (If) we don’t move the ball, we’re not a good team. It doesn’t allow us to get our defense set, and it allows the other team to get out in transition and run on us. With the numbers we have without KG defensively we have to take good shots, we have to execute, and we have to make sure we get what we want every time down."

Re: His big night:

"This is the time of the year when you want to get ready for the playoffs so I just told myself ‘be aggressive.’ Doc’s been putting in great plays. As long as we execute, soembody’s going to get a good shot. That’s where our emphasis is at solely. We’re not looking to just get one guy going. IF we move the ball the way we’re capable of, sombody’s going to reap the benefits. Tonight it just happened to be me."

Re: Shavlick Randolph’s performance:

"Huge huge. You talk about a guy executing his role. That is his role for us. Come in, provide energy, rebound, bang, be a presence in the paint and he did all that tonight."


Hawks 107/>

Larry Drew

Re: The game:

"They pose a problem for us matchup wise, because they have guys that are really good one-on-one ball players, particularly Paul Pierce and Jeff Green... They're just good at what they do, and we try to cut the different things just to take them out of rhythm, which had no effect. They end up shooting 55 percent, close to 55 percent for the game... A lot of elementary breakdowns, not getting back, getting matched. You know, not getting back and not getting to your guy. We allowed some easy transition baskets, which you cant allow, particularly in this building against a team like this."

Re: Terry's late three to push the C's lead back up to 11:

"Yeah that’s kind of how the game went. We had some breakdowns and we kept fighting, which is very encouraging. That particular play, that ball could have bounced either way. It ended up getting in their hands, he ended up knocking the 3 down. That’s kind of how the game went."

Re: The Hawks' bench earning playing time:

"Yeah, my mind was made up. I was gonna with my reserves. I think thats two straight games where they’ve came in and done a really good job for me. At that point I was gonna ride them. I thought Mike Scott came in and gave us some good minutes, I thought Shelvin Mack did a really good job. That group I had in at the end there, they were playing hard. In that situation I felt it would be more important to reward them and let them play it out. If we win, we win with them, if we lose, we lose with them."


Jeff Teague

Re: Finishing the road trip 2-2:

"Glad to get off the road, actually. We did what we had to do. We had to get this one, but it was tough place to play. And Al (getting sick) before the game and things like that. You know, it was a tough situation but I think we played pretty good. The bench guys played great for us. So hopefully we can continue over to tomorrow."

Re: Jeff Green:

"Every time we play here it seems like Jeff Green hits a big three."

Re: Having a chance coming into Boston and grabbing a win:

"We definitely wanted to. You know, they did what they had to do. They didn’t struggle, they came home and got a win. We thought we had a great opportunity to go 3-1 but it didn’t work out tonight."


Mike Scott

Re: Scoring a career high tonight:

"I finished, my teammates got me the ball. I just finished, finally finished. Missed some dunks, got to work on that, but defensively, I've still got to work on my defense."

Re: How it felt to be out there battling:

"You know, same feeling as the Indiana game, just keep on pushing, keep on going on. You know Randolph got an offensive rebound on me, and I just, oh man, it still hurts right now but you know we just came up short."

Re: The Hawks' mentality during the game:

"You know, we were just trying to get stops, play as a team. We just knew if we got a stop, got a rebound, score on offense and keep plugging away."