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Top 10 Season Ticket Holder Banner Moments

Check out the Top 10 Banner Moments shared by season ticket holders in the program's first season. Plus, here is the winning season ticket holder Banner Moment from December 2010, shared by Tanner from Bellingham, MA:

My wife often teases me that I remember important dates by sporting events - the Celtics/Pistons game on 3/5/08 was no different. Being our first year as STH in '08, my wife and I ended up going to over 25 games together, which isn't too shabby living an hour away and considering my wife was pregnant for most of the season. On this night, she was around 16 weeks and the crowd was electric as the C's & Pistons were fighting for the #1 seed in the East. The game was close all the way until Rondo found a clear path to the lane and dunked over Detroit's biggest intimidator, Jason Maxiell. The crowd went crazy, as did I, until I noticed that my wife was sitting down with a puzzled look on her face. It immediately turned to a smile as she told me she had just felt our child kick for the first time! We knew we were going to have a Celtics fan literally from birth! Since then we have bought a bunch of Celtics gear for our daughter and she even has her favorite Celtics bear, named "Rondo Bear." She loves watching the games with us at home and will probably enjoy her first game next season.

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JoJo White

World's Best Mom

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A Selfless Gift

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The Boys from East Boston

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Born into the Celtics Family

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Robert Parish

An Overlooked Classic

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A Lasting Bond

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Robert Parish

Returning the Favor

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A Special Playoff Memory

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Bird 33

Heart of a Champion

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Don't Mess with Hondo

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