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The Boston Celtics franchise is defined by its history, its tradition, and its loyal, passionate, and knowledgable fans. Celtics fans bleed green, and are always excited to share stories about how the team has touched them. Wactch this video clip to see and hear how much respect Celtics VIPs (including owners, coaching staff and Legends) have for Boston fans.

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Experiencing the Garden Floor

We all have those special people in our lives that support us through thick and thin. This season ticket holder found a way to thank one special person, his mother. What the son had saved as a surprise was a once in a lifetime opportunity for his mom.

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Bird 33

My First Celtics Game

Think back to March 15, 1992 when the Celtics took on the Blazers in a double overtime thriller. Imagine if that game was your first experience watching Celtics basketball live! One fan had quite a memorable first game and got to see Larry Bird's last recorded triple double and his favorite team win.

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Return of Perk

The Celtics missed the dominating presence of Kendrick Perkins while he was out with an injury. How would the fans react when he came back for the first time? This fan was there for that special night and describes the moment one to remember.

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Game 5, 1984 - Real Heat

A Celtics Legend showed his class and Celtics pride as he interacted with one fan and her enthusiastic teenage daughter.

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Mr. Clutch

Mr. Clutch's Adventure

Proposing to the love of your life is always a breathtaking moment but to do it the way this fan did is truly magical. When the time came to propose to his future wife he did it the only way he knew how - with a bit of Celtics charm!

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Creating a Memory

Many Celtics fans bond with family over the love of the game. This fan was a young adult by the time she met her brother for the first time, and the two found a connection through a shared love of the Celtics.

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The Truth of the Matter

Celtics Captain Paul Pierce has displayed passion and loyalty throughout his career in a Celtics uniform. This fan was thrilled to witness a career milestone for The Truth, his longtime role model.

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Max trophy


Most parents teach their children never to accept candy from a stranger. But what if that stranger is Cedric Maxwell offering a candy bar and talking with you at a Celtics game? This mom was willing to make an exception for her child, just this once.

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Bird Jordan

Lasting Memories

For a fan who had only been to the city of Boston once as a child, a trip to the Garden for a playoff Celtics game seemed too good to be true. This Banner Moment is a reminder that every Celtics game is special and that we should "take it all in" each time we step foot into the arena.

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Bird trophy

Larry Bird Night and Our Pact

Larry Legend touched the hearts of many when he played, but his ceremonial number retiring game touched the hearts of two diehard fans. These fans made a pact to wear their commemorative t-shirts on another important day to come in their lives.

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