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Fan Banner Moments - December 13, 2010


Feline Starting Five

One diehard Celtics fan and her children pass their passion for Celtics basketball on to a new generation...of cats! Looks like this is a tight knit team!

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A Meaningful Win

This family was lucky enough to witness two victories in one night. Not only did they see the Celtics come out on top, they received some life changing news as well.

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What a Nice Surprise

A typical day at work suddenly turns exciting for this lucky Celtics fan. Over the span of a few hours, a low key night in turns into a true Banner Moment.

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Lucky in Love

This couple and their families LOVE the Celtics. Their love for each other and the team were evident this night with a proposal at the TD Garden.

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Through Rain or Snow

One family soldiers through the elements to make it to their first ever Celtics game - a special family event with their very own military hero.

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Red statue

Father Daughter Bond

Years of following the Celtics religiously paid off for this Celtics fan and her father, when she experienced two things for the first time ever; winning a contest for Celtics tickets, and attending a playoff game.

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Rondo USA

Coming to America

Sports are an important part of American culture, especially for this Celtics fan and his family. The Green and White helped acclimate them when they moved here from India, their journey came full circle the night the Celtics clinched Banner 17.

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DJ trophy

Banner Moment - Take One!

Getting to meet a player for even a few seconds is a dream come true for most, actually spending several hours with them is a story worth sharing. This fan had more than just a Banner Moment, more like a Banner Day!

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Instant Fans...For Life

Growing up in Boston in the late 90s and early 2000s was not the best time to be a Celtics fan, but all that changed with the formation of the new Big Three. It also changed the favorite team in one house, which couldn't make this dad any happier.

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A New Generation of Fans

This season ticket holder used to go to games with his father as a gift from a Celtics Legend, now a father of three, he takes his own children and continues the tradition of family night at the Garden.

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