2010-11 Top 10 Celtics Banner Moments


Check out the Top 10 Banner Moments below, selected by a Celtics committee led by former player Dana Barros. Feeling inspired? Share your own Celtics Banner Moment and it could be posted on Celtics.com for your family, friends, and fellow Celtics fans to enjoy!

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The Game that Changed My Life (And His!)

On a tropical vacation, this fan found a way to watch her beloved Celtics in a playoff game, and happened to find her future husband at the same time. She saved him from basketball purgatory and now they're a match made in NBA heaven.

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A Championship Won 5,310 Miles Away

The fact that this diehard fan was halfway across the world wasn't the only obstacle he had to overcome to catch the final game of the 2008 Championship season. True fans know - where there's a will, there's a way!

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Bird 33

Oh My, This Place is Going Crazy

Las Vegas is full of interesting sights. This young fan must have been just that while watching the Celts through a store window. He withstood the heat (literally and figuratively) with an animated portrayal of his agony and ultimate celebration.

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Caleb and the Celtics

In a heartfelt tribute, one fan and loving father remembers his son Caleb, a passionate Celtics fan who was taken much too soon.

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Father's Dream

My Father's Dream Realized

Celtics basketball has created unbreakable bonds for many parents and children. A lifelong fan and season ticket holder who shares such a bond with his father cherishes the game in 2008 when he was able to help his dad fulfill a lifelong dream and be there in person to see the Celtics capture a Championship.

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Center Court

Never Sick of the Celtics

For one family of fans, just the opportunity to be together at home to watch the Celtics play on Christmas Day was the best gift any of them could imagine.

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Banner raising

The Generation of Champions

Many fans' Banner Moments involve the 2008 Championship, but the raising of the Celtics' 17th Banner was even more special for this season ticket holder. The Opening Night game and ceremony provided a backdrop for one of those rare family moments when everything is right in the world.

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Bird Jordan

Sneaky Girl

As a 7 year-old girl, this fan chose the wrong night to act out. While being punished and forbidden from watching TV, she couldn't resist the risk of tuning in to see a very important Celtics game.

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Forever Memories!

The Celtics love to hear about Banner Moments that we've helped create for deserving families. This selfless mother was able to build a summer of unforgettable Celtics experiences for her fellow Celtics fanatic son.

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Bird trophy

Bird's Eye View for Banner 16

This unique Championship memory illustrates how the Celtics bring fans together in so many amazing ways, including for a celebratory dance around the Red Auerbach statue in Faneuil Hall.

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