Heroes Among Us - November 2010

November 26, 2010 - Daniel Soto

Sixteen-year-old Lowell High School student Daniel Soto passes the Lower Pawtucket Canal on his walk home from school every day. On a recent chilly fall afternoon as Daniel passed the canal he caught sight of a woman flailing in the frigid water. Daniel knew the woman was at risk for hypothermia or drowning and had his friends’ call 911 while he prepared to rescue her.

Daniel, who is a strong swimmer, immediately dove into the cold water and swam to the stunned woman. He quickly pulled her to shore, where she was tended to by medical staff as Daniel waited by her side.

For his bravery and assistance to a stranger in need, please join us in recognizing tonight’s Hero Among Us, Daniel Soto!

November 24, 2010 - Dr. Claire McCarthy

Dr. Claire McCarthy has served Boston’s neediest children for over twenty years. As the Medical Director at the Martha Eliot Health Center at Children’s Hospital Boston, Dr. McCarthy attends to a diverse population of children who struggle with poverty, violence, and behavior problems.

Dr. McCarthy not only provides the highest quality care to her patients, but she also goes above and beyond to keep Boston’s families healthy. She has developed unique programs to combat common health issues and assists families in finding housing, employment and after school programs. Dr. McCarthy’s work has established Martha Eliot as one of Boston’s premiere health centers.

For her dedication and service to Boston families, please join us in recognizing Dr. Claire McCarthy as tonight’s Hero Among Us.

November 19, 2010 - the Griffin-Drury family

Kate Griffin and Jim Drury’s daughter Maria had Type 1 Diabetes among other medical conditions and tragically passed away at the age of seven.

Determined to make something positive out of this tragedy and keep Maria’s spirit alive, the Griffin-Drury family have become tireless advocates and fundraisers for the fight against diabetes. For the past nine years, they have organized a team to run the Boston Half Marathon to raise money for the Joslin Diabetes Center. Their efforts have amazingly raised over half a million dollars, all of which has supported the Pediatric Unit at Joslin.

For their tireless efforts in the fight against diabetes, please welcome the Griffin-Drury family as tonight’s Heroes Among Us.

November 17, 2010 - Sue Dwyer

For the past 28 years Sue Dwyer has been a foster and adoptive parent to some of the neediest of children. With the support of Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Sue has selflessly opened her home to dozens of children with severe mental and physical disabilities.

In addition to taking numerous children into her home as foster children, Sue has formally adopted six who had nowhere else to turn. She has encouraged each of her kids to focus on what they can do instead of thinking of the limitations of their disabilities.

For her years of parenting and unwavering love to those in need, please join us in welcoming Sue Dwyer as tonight’s Hero Among Us.

November 5, 2010 - Captain Scott Smiley

Captain Scott Smiley never gives up. Five years ago, Captain Smiley was blinded by a car bomb while fighting in Iraq. He was unable to return to infantry duties, but he refused to stop serving our country.

Today, Captain Smiley stands out as one of the only blind soldiers on active duty in the military. He’s continued to conquer his goals regardless of condition, like sky diving, completing a triathlon, writing a book and earning his MBA. Today, he commands the Warrior Transition Unit at West Point, where he can impart his own positivity to injured soldiers.

For his resiliency and unwavering dedication to our great nation, please join us in recognizing Captain Scott Smiley as tonight’s Hero Among Us.

November 3, 2010 - JT Carroll

JT Carroll was on his daily newspaper route in Chelmsford when he heard a faint cry for help. He quickly abandoned his bike and ran towards the voice. He came to a crumpled figure lying on the ground. 93 year old Madeline had fallen while getting her mail and couldn’t get up.

JT assured her he would help. He knew not to move her in case she was seriously injured, called 911 and then stayed by her side until the ambulance arrived. Thanks to JT’s quick response, Madeline received the help she needed and made a full recovery!

For his kindness to a stranger and poise under pressure, please join us in recognizing tonight’s Hero Among Us, JT Carroll!

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