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Fit to Win

The “Fit to Win” program presented by Covidien, a leading global healthcare products company, teaches children fun and easy steps for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. By partnering together, the Boston Celtics and Covidien are able to educate children about the importance of staying active and eating well, but in a fun and interactive way.

Covidien is committed to contributing to the availability of affordable, quality healthcare through the Covidien Partnership for Neighborhood Wellness, which provides financial resources, employee expertise and healthcare products to communities in need. The Covidien Partnership for Neighborhood Wellness continues to focus a portion of its funding to combat childhood obesity.

“We’ve provided a number of grants to programs in Boston and across the country to help educate children and families about healthy lifestyles,” Covidien Director of Civic Affairs Teresa Hacunda said. “By teaming up with the Celtics and various youth centers with Fit to Win, we can create more awareness, reach more children and deliver the important message that good eating and exercise lead to better health and wellness in our communities.”

Fit to Win Contest

The Celtics and Covidien are teaming up to bring you a chance to have a Celitcs Player at your school! Share your favorite healthy tip on the entry form by visiting the link below for a chance to bring the Covidien Fit to Win Program to your school!

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2011-12 Fit to Win Events

March 8, 2012 - Curtis Hall Community Center
Rajon Rondo, Brandon Bass, Strength and Conditioning Coach Bryan Doo and Lucky visited third-graders at Bates Elementary school to promote healthy lifestyles.
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February 2, 2012 - Curtis Hall Community Center
Rajon Rondo, Strength and Conditioning coach Bryan Doo and Lucky met with 32 youth from the BCYF Curtis Hall Community Center Thursday afternoon as part of the Boston Celtics Fit to Win program, in partnership with Covidien.
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November 17, 2011 - Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club
Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers, Strength and Conditioning Coach Bryan Doo, Celtics Mascot Lucky and Covidien’s Director of Civic Affairs Teresa Hacunda joined 36 youth to reinforce the idea of exercising and eating healthy.
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January 9, 2012 - Roslindale Community Center
Boston Celtics Captain Paul Pierce and forward Brandon Bass, Strength and Conditioning Coach Bryan Doo, and team mascot Lucky, spoke to members of the Roslindale Community Center on Monday, January 9, about maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.
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Healthy Tip of the Month

Eating a rainbow of colors of fruits and vegetables will help give you the nutrients and vitamins your body needs the most.

Did You Know...

... that drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated and we’ll keep you energized longer compared too sugary sports drinks or sodas?

... that dtaying fit and exercising regularly is proven to increase your mood and brain power?

... that skipping ice cream after dinner will take out a large portion of fat and sugar from your diet? Instead make a frozen shake using low fat yogurt and fruit. Just as delicious!

Fun, Healthy, Delicious Recipes

Fit to Win

Fit to Win participants work on fruit concoctions at a past Fit to Win event.

Sandwich on a stick


  • cube of low fat cheese
  • 2 slices of lettuce or spinach
  • 2 slices of turkey
  • one slice of whole wheat bread
  • two kebab sticks
  • half cut tomato

Cut slices of whole wheat bread into cubes, and cut cube of cheese into smaller cubes. Roll turkey slices into small balls. Cut tomato into smaller cubes. Slide each piece of ingredient on too kebab stick for a fun healthy way of eating a sandwich.

An Easy Guide to Healthy Eating

  • Make 1/2 of your plate consist of fruits and vegetables
  • Make at least ˝ of your grains whole grains
  • Switch to fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk
  • Go lean with protein

Quick Tips

Limit Total Screen Time to Two Hours a Day - Watch the Celtics!

  • Limit how long and how often you spend in front of the TV or the computer
  • Set clear limits on TV watching, video games and computer time
  • Turn off the TV or computer for a whole day, at least one day a week
  • Be active during commercials by seeing how many push-ups, jumping jacks, arm circles or sit-ups you can do before the commercial is over
  • Don’t eat in front of the TV or computer

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