Letter From Paul Pierce

Dear Celtics Fans -

What's up Boston? Sitting up here at training camp at the University of Vermont, I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for your support over the past six seasons. As players, we all know that without the fans, we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

I also wanted to tell you all how excited I am for this coming season. The first few practices have been great, especially getting to work with our new head coach, Doc Rivers. I played against his teams when he coached in Orlando, and trust me when I tell you he is a great coach and I have faith in his coaching style. Between that and the players Danny Ainge was able to get this past offseason in the draft, trades and free agency, I can't wait to hit the court. I've been working out with some of the guys for a few weeks now, and the rooks - Delonte West, Tony Allen, Al Jefferson and Justin Reed - can really play. Our pick up games at the practice facility have been a lot of fun, but also a good chance to start working together early and see what the young guys can do.

Like everyone else, I was thrilled to see Gary Monday at media day. GP is going to bring a lot of experience to help our team both on and off the court, and as a proven All-Star and possible Hall of Famer, knows what it takes to win. We also resigned Mark Blount and added Googs (Tom Gugliotta), and Raef LaFrentz is healthy and ready to go after missing most of last season. Those guys will be key in helping our team win.

We have a good mix of young guys and some vets, which will be interesting because I think with the player movements, coaching changes and new divisions the Eastern Conference is a whole new ball game. This is a fresh start for us. I think we can learn to play together, which will make us competitive in the Atlantic Division.

As we begin practicing up here in Vermont, I am ready to roll and can't wait for the regular season to begin. I have been ready to get back on the court with my teammates since the last playoff game against Indiana... you all know we can do better than that, and with this team and this coaching staff, that is our goal. With GP running the point and our young guys on the wing, we should be an exciting basketball team. So make sure you come out and keep the FleetCenter rockin'.

So thanks again for your continued support, and my teammates and I promise that we will give you our best every night. And we hope to see you at the Fleet, because we need your support to help us win every night.

Take care,

Paul Pierce

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