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Draft Profile:
Nik Stauskas
Nik Stauskas
G | 6'6" | 205 LBS. 17.5 PPG | 2.9 RPG | 3.3 APG


Draft Profile Video: Nik Stauskas

Michigan beat writer Rod Beard joins Emily Austen to discuss Big Ten Player of the Year Nik Stauskas.
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Draft Profile Video: Nik Stauskas

Michigan beat writer Rod Beard joins Emily Austen to discuss Big Ten Player of the Year Nik Stauskas.
Jun 12, 2014  |  05:09

NBA Combine - Nik Stauskas

Listen to the uncut interview of Nik Stauskas from the Combine in Chicago.
May 15, 2014  |  05:08

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Combine Measurements

Body/Anthropometric Measurements
Body Fat % 12.05%
Hand Length 8.50"
Hand Width 8.50"
Height w/o Shoes 6'5.25"
Height w/ Shoes 6'6.50""
Standing Reach 8'6.00"
Weight 206.9
Wingspan 6'7.75"
Physical Tests
Lane Agility 10.79
Shuttle Run 2.92
Three-Quarter Court Sprint 3.27
Standing Vertical Leap 29.0"
Max Vertical Leap 35.5"
Body/Anthropometric Measurements
Body Fat % Hand Length Hand Width Height w/o Shoes Height w/ Shoes Standing Reach Weight Wingspan
12.05% 8.50" 8.50" 6'5.25" 6'6.50" 8'6.00" 206.9 lbs. 6'7.75"
Physical Tests
Lane Agility Shuttle Run 3/4 Court Sprint Standing Vertical Leap Max Vertical Leap
10.79 2.92 3.27 29.0" 35.5"


Pros Cons
Shooting Agility on Defense
Size Passing
Ballhandling Rebounding
Surprising Athlete -
Pick-and-Roll Experience -

Why You Might Know Him

Nik Stauskas burst onto the national scene while starring for the Michigan Wolverines this past season. He averaged 17.5 points per game as a sophomore to lead the Wolverines and that number also ranked third overall in the Big Ten. He was a unanimous selection as a first team All-Big Ten player and was also chosen as the Big Ten Player of the Year.

Scouting Report

Stauskas is a heck of an offensive player. He’s a pure, knock-down shooter from the perimeter who excels in spot up situations. At 6-foot-6.5 with shoes on, he has the size of a small forward, but he’s a shooting guard who also possesses point guard skills. Stauskas can really handle the ball and is well-versed in pick-and-roll situations. In fact, that’s the play he was most involved with this past season at Michigan. He’s more athletic than you might think, which allows him to create his own shot. He has a strong step-back move and converts on the ensuing shot on a consistent basis. He’s also crafty with his dribble in traffic. He reminds me a lot of Paul Pierce in the sense that he won’t wow you with athleticism when you watch him, but he finds ways to get shots off and is very controlled in doing so. He has great patience with the ball, especially in pick-and-roll situations. He has solid peripheral vision and usually makes good decisions, but his assist-to-turnover ratio of 1.7-to-1 does not necessarily reflect that. Stauskas tested out very well at the NBA Draft Combine, with fantastic size and impressive agility; he logged the fifth-best lane agility time at 10.79 seconds. That size and athleticism shows up on offense but not always on defense. Stauskas has heavy feet at that end of the court. He does not change direction very well and is oftentimes beaten off the dribble. He also stands straight up when he’s screened, rather than staying low and powering through or around the screen. We know that Stauskas is agile thanks to his testing numbers. The fact that his agility does not show up on defense leads me to believe that he simply doesn’t have great instincts and anticipation at that end. That being said, great coaching and film study could eventually unleash his agility at the defensive end and allow him to keep his man in front of him.


One area Stauskas is already accustomed to is New England. Two of his high school years were spent in the area, first as a junior at South Kent School in South Kent, Conn., and then as a senior at St. Mark’s School in Southborough, Mass. He averaged 20.0 points per game, 6.0 rebounds per game and 5.0 assists per game as a senior while leading St. Mark’s to a 28-2 record and a class AA championship. Stauskas chose to move to the New England area after being born and raised in Etobicoke, Ontario, which is a suburb of Toronto. He was born on Oct. 7, 1993 to Ruta and Paul Stauskas. He grew eight inches during his junior year of prep school, which really helped him on the recruiting trail. As the No. 76 player on the ESPN 100 list, he was recruited by Michigan, Georgetown, Iowa State, Kansas and Wake Forest, among others. Stauskas chose to become a Wolverine and signed with Michigan on March 26, 2011. He averaged 11.0 PPG and 3.0 RPG as a freshman while nailing 44.0 percent of his 3-pointers. His freshman team made it to the NCAA finals but lost to Louisville, 82-76. Two key Wolverines, Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr., went to the NBA just months later, leaving Stauskas with a much larger role as a sophomore. He excelled in that role, averaging 17.5 PPG, 2.9 RPG and 3.3 APG as a sophomore while earning Big Ten Player of the Year honors. Stauskas declared for the NBA Draft on April 15.