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Draft Profile:
Doug McDermott
Doug McDermott
F | 6'7" | 218 LBS. 26.7 PPG | 7.0 RPG | 1.6 APG


Draft Profile Video: Doug McDermott

5/23/14: Emily speaks with Doug McDermott's coach and father, Greg, about how his game with transfer to the NBA.
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Draft Profile Video: Doug McDermott

5/23/14: Emily speaks with Doug McDermott's coach and father, Greg, about how his game with transfer to the NBA.
May 23, 2014  |  05:29

NBA Combine - Doug McDermott

Listen to the uncut interview of Doug McDermott from the Combine in Chicago.
May 17, 2014  |  05:24

Draft Profile: Doug McDermott

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Combine Measurements

Body/Anthropometric Measurements
Body Fat % 7.1
Hand Length 8.75"
Hand Width 9.75"
Height w/o Shoes 6'6.25"
Height w/ Shoes 6'7.25"
Standing Reach 8'7"
Weight 218 lbs.
Wingspan 6'9.25"
Physical Tests
Lane Agility 11.1 sec.
Shuttle Run 3.25 sec.
Three-Quarter Court Sprint 3.29 sec.
Standing Vertical Leap 28.5"
Max Vertical Leap 36.5"
Body/Anthropometric Measurements
Body Fat % Hand Length Hand Width Height w/o Shoes Height w/ Shoes Standing Reach Weight Wingspan
7.1 8.75" 9.75" 6'6.25" 6'7.25" 8'7" 218 lbs. 6'9.25"
Physical Tests
Lane Agility Shuttle Run 3/4 Court Sprint Standing Vertical Leap Max Vertical Leap
11.1 sec. 3.25 sec. 3.29 sec. 28.5" 36.5"


Pros Cons
Shooting Body strength
Intelligence Positional tweener
Basketball IQ Creighton's lack of high-level opponents
Accountability Defending bigs
Efficiency ---
Surprisingly athletic ---

Why You Might Know Him

McDermott is one of the most accomplished players to come out of the collegiate ranks in recent memory. He was the consensus National Player of the Year in 2014, led the NCAA in scoring this past season and is a three-time consensus first-team All-American.

Scouting Report

No one can question this kid’s scoring ability. McDermott is an excellent shooter from all over the court, having hit 52.6 percent of his field goals, 58.7 percent of his 2-pointers, 44.9 percent of his 3s and 86.4 percent of his free throws as a senior. He is adept with both hands around the basket and can score in a variety of ways. McDermott has unlimited range that could potentially make him a game-changing spot-up shooter at the next level. He knows how to get his shot off despite a perceived lack of quickness, particularly via smooth fade-aways. He enters the Draft as a tweener. His 6-foot-7 height, along with his shooting abilities, say small forward, but his athleticism on tape says power forward. McDermott did test out surprisingly well at the Combine, giving him some ammo to market himself as a small forward. Still, questions remain as to whether he will be able to guard an NBA wing. The same can be said about him defending against big men, whom he struggled to guard in post ups and pick-and-rolls this past season.


McDermott was born on Jan. 3, 1992 in Grand Forks, N.D. He spent the majority of his adolescence in Iowa, where his father, Greg, coached Northern Iowa from 2001-06 and Iowa State from 2006-10. McDermott starred at Ames High School in Ames, Iowa alongside Harrison Barnes of the Warriors, and went on to commit to play at Northern Iowa. However, when his father chose to accept the head coaching position at Creighton in the spring of 2010, McDermott chose to go with him. McDermott averaged 24.3 points per game over his final three collegiate seasons, garnering consensus All-American nods during each campaign.