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With the new Celtics Dancers page launching today, Celtics Co-Captains and veterans Ali and Meghan are here to introduce you to the rest of the team. Here's there scouting report on the rest of the squad. And if you want to know more, click on each girl's name to read her bio and check out shots from the photoshoot.

Jennafa - Her nickname is "Mini" because she is so tiny! But don't be fooled this girl can hip hop like whoa. She might have been shy her first season but now she's in her third and definitely opening up! She also doesn't have a backbone so don't enter in a limbo contest if she's in it :)

Ashley E. - Red is a second year vet and got her nickname obviously because she's our only redhead! Red has the best technique on the team and can do the best "peanut butter jelly time" dance can check her during the intros of the dancers before we dance at the games. She's got a great sense of humor and will always keep us laughing in the locker room with her "kaw kaws".

Erica L. - Erica is not only a well rounded dancer but a great singer as well or at least we think so. We loved her singing/serenading last year and its getting even better in the locker room year to the new locker jam mix! She's also one of the biggest Celts fans on the team, game time you can hear her "Charge!," "Defense!," and "Booooos," from just about anywhere in the Garden.

Jenna - Jenna or "Benna" used to be the "team baby" last year but now she's a year older and a second year vet! She moved here from New York to join the Celtics Dancers and to go to college in Boston. She doesn't think that she has an accent but ask her to say "banana" and "dollar" and you can definitely hear it.

Alison L. - Are there any 49ers fans out there? Yeah, that's what I thought. Only PATS fans here in Boston! Alison is a rookie and moved here from San Francisco when she made the team. She actually previously cheered for the 49ers for four years! And you Bostonians should see this girls winter jacket...its a 3/4 sleeve jacket that we would consider a spring jacket, good luck this winter Al!

Caroline - She's the tallest girl on the team. She's a rookie from California and is a hardworking student. Her mom is also the team photographer...well, not really, but she should be. She was at the first three games with a 10 pound Nikon camera with zoom lens; maybe you'll see some of those on the website later on this year!

Clacy Clacy's this year's baby on the team. This southern sweetheart probably has the worst luck in the world, she's only been in Boston for two months and has already been to the ER, gotten her apartment broken into, and the other night on the way to practice, her car broke down. Bad things happen in threes right? Let's hope so!

Katie - Katie is a second year vet and is so sweet, you'll never see her without a smile on her face. She's always willing to help anyone out, and is also one of the most photogenic girls on the team.

Dancers before Opening Night

The girls after court rehearsal on Opening Night at the Garden.

Jenny - On top of being one of the best hip hop dancers on the team, Jenny also has the most coveted hair. Her natural, bouncy curls look amazing while she's dancing, and an added bonus...she can roll out of bed and her hair is game day ready! Jenny has been a huge Celtics fan her entire life and you can't help but get excited when you're around her...her energy is contagious!

Erica M. - This blonde beauty is a huge Boston sports fan, and a newcomer to this year's team. We all want to know her secret, because even though she's one of the oldest on the team, she looks like she could be the youngest!

Brandy - Originally from Colorado, Brandy adopted that well-known, laid-back California lifestyle while attending USC. Brandy has that "don't sweat the small stuff" mentality and no matter what the circumstance, she's always calm and relaxed. She is a great addition to this years team, and always gives 110% at practices and games.

Alannah - Alannah is our "pint-sized" rookie, but her personality is anything but small. Her edgy haircut and trendy practice clothes add to Alannah's unique style.

Kate - Kate's precise dancing has been keeping our team in sync. With her close attention to detail Kate makes sure no head or arm is ever out of place. This rookie has been dancing her whole life, and is a blast to be around.

Danielle - The Doctor is in! Well sort of...Danielle is a rookie who is studying to become a physical therapist. With some early season injuries on our team, she's already got a bit of practice.

Ashley M. - "Ash Mac" is a local addition to the team this year. This blonde not only loves to dance but she also is a collector of sneakers. Every practice she comes in with a new or different pair of sneaks. Our favorite pair so far are the silver ones that sparkled...LOL!

Stephanie - Steph is our lucky #18 for Banner 18! This brunette has a passion for dance, and lives by this philosophy: "If you're doing something you love, you'll never feel like you worked a day in your life."

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