East Boston, MA

Yes, three: one Lhasa Apso, Angel Grace; and two Calico cats - Bella Kitty & Babi

Favorite Restaurant:
Strega and Abe & Louie's

The first five songs when I put my iPod on shuffle:
Because I Love You, Party Like a Rock Star, Rehab, Shawty and Bartender

Community Cause:
Performing at Eastie Pride Day!

Childhood Memory:
At two-and-a-half, I performed at my first National Dance Competition. I cried the whole performance.. When I got off stage my dance teacher asked why I cried... my answer was "because I love to dance"

Interesting Fact:
I sleep 75% of the day!

Guilty Pleasure:

Any Four People for Dinner...:
My nana, my auntie Muriel, my mom and my auntie Sharon, We would have breakfast... Tea, coffee and bagels, they will be giving me great advice for the future and proud of my present decisions.

Mountains or beach:

Proudest Moment:
Being chosen for the Celtics Dance Team, and having my closest family and friends there for their support.

Dance Song:
I Turn to You. I danced this for my Mom's best friend who passed from breast cancer and I won my first dance title.

Career Goal:
To always be happy and able to support myself financially.

Shall We Dance


Music is the universal language. It's all beautiful...

Beauty Necessity:
Any MAC makeup!

Versace, I picked my wedding dress out at the age of 16. Hopefully, I'll someday find a man willing to marry me...

The one I will write someday...

Jennifer Lopez

I have two...My mom, she is a very strong woman - I hope someday to walk in her shoes, and my dance teacher - for having the love and patience to bring me where I am today.

"The eyes are the window to the soul."

Celtics Player:
I don't have one yet, but will make sure I have one next year.

Dream Job:
Maybe acting. I am the toy store clerk in an upcoming Disney movie. I enjoying entertaining!! I love to see the expressions on people's faces when they really enjoy something, and I'm the one that helped put it there...

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