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10 Things To Know About Clacy

Where are you from?
Greenville, South Carolina.

One interesting fact about your hometown?
In 2011 rated Greenville one of America's top 20 best downtowns!

What are your career aspirations?
One day I hope to open up my own dance studio.

Who is your role model?
My mother is by far my biggest role model. She was my dance teacher growing up and I credit her 100% for why I'm here. She's the best woman I know!

Fun facts about you?
I'm obsessed with spicy food and I can sleep just about anywhere.

Favorite apps on your phone?
Currently my favorite game is Flow Free. It's so addicting. But my go-to app is definitely Pandora.

“Guilty pleasure” TV show?
Unfortunately, I still DVR Jersey Shore. I'm hooked on all of the dancing shows. My favorite show recently though is X Factor!!

Favorite junk food?

What made you want to become a Celtics Dancer?
My love for performing in front of crowds and wanting to pursue dance to the next level.

What is your greatest accomplishment?
I still think moving to Boston would be one of my greatest accomplishments in life so far. Also, being able to say this is my fourth year as a Celtics dancer!

What is your favorite Alex and Ani bangle?
The Sea Shell charm bangle is my favorite because it reminds me of being near the water. I'm always my happiest when I'm by and ocean or lake!

Alex & Ani
Stylist: Patricia Guiggey/G20 Spa+Salon