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10 Things To Know About Kayla

Angleton, Texas/Atlanta, Georgia

College/Education Background?
Georgia State University

What age did you start dancing?
Started dancing at 2.5 years old (started goin’ hard after I had to drop Ice Skating.)

Favorite movie?
Pride & Prejudice... the score is beautiful, and scenes are breathtaking... storyline makes me warm inside! ;-)

Favorite junk food?
Buffalo wings & peanut M&M’s.

Ideal vacation spot?

Favorite Celtics player?
Larry Bird! Grew up with all the Larry vs. Magic commercials... and watching him SHINE!!

Who was your favorite cartoon character when growing up?
Rainbow Brite and the Care Bears!

Name 5 people you would invite to your celebrity dinner party?
Janet Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Kimora Lee Simons, Maya Angelou, and Usher.

iPhone or Droid?
Droid... not by choice!