Alison P
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10 Things To Know About Alison

Bedford, NH

What is your favorite movie?
Wedding Crashers

If you could be on any reality show which one would it be?
Dancing with the Stars! I want to learn how to ballroom dance!

If you could be a part of any TV family which would it be?
The Griffins from Family Guy

What was your favorite song when you were in Middle School?
Motownphilly by Boys II Men!

Who is the most famous person you have met?
Ozzy and Elton John! Ahhhhh!

What is your favorite thing about Boston?
The food, the people, the sports, the history...ok everything!:)

Where in the world have you not yet traveled to but can't wait to visit?
Australia and Spain

If you could live in a different time period what time period would it be?
The 50's! Poodle skirts, Elvis, and the Beatles- Does it get any better than that?

What is your favorite holiday?
My birthday haha jk...THANKSGIVING, there's nothing better than a great big meal with your family and loved ones!

Alison P
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