The Truth Fund

The Truth Fund

The Truth Fund was founded by Boston Celtics co-captain Paul Pierce in May of 2002. It was developed as a means for Paul to streamline all his charitable efforts and make an impact on the lives of disadvantaged youth in the Greater Boston area as well as in his hometown of Inglewood, CA. The Truth Fund provides Paul with a direct reach into communities enabling him to make a significant impression in the lives of children, not only as a dedicated athlete but also as a role model and citizen.

The mission of the Truth Fund is to provide educational and life-enriching opportunities for disadvantaged youth. Paul's vision of the Fund is to ensure that opportunities are available for young people to recognize their dreams through mentoring programs, technology and other educational needs as well as fostering stable and safe environments for children.

The Truth Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization whose Federal Tax Identification Number 01-0700751.

For more information on The Truth Fund, please contact The Truth Fund at

To make a donation, please make a check payable to "The Truth Fund" at:

The Truth Fund
c/o Lindsey Pearson
Excel Sports Management
1156 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 400
New York, NY 10036
Phone: (646) 454-5901
Fax: (646) 366-8480

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