Terry, Bass Unveil Renovated Gym to Students

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Students from the Kennedy-Longfellow Elementary School and the Putman Ave Middle School were in shock as they entered their newly renovated gymnasium Friday morning.

The Celtics renovated the gym space that previously had a worn-down floor, paint peeling from the walls and a broken scoreboard. The transformation included a refurbished and painted floor, painted walls with Celtics graphics and a brand-new scoreboard.

Once the students were seated on the floor and had begun to compose themselves, they became excited once more as Celtics guard Jason Terry and forward Brandon Bass entered the gym.

The duo participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony and then spent some time speaking with the youth and answering questions.

Bass spoke to the youth about education.

“Education is very important,” he said. “It’s the reason why Jason and I are playing in the NBA. Growing up you had to make good grades in order to play basketball so that was always a focus of mine. Even today, I still use the lessons I learned in school whether it be balancing my checkbook or reading a scouting report of an opposing team. I encourage you all to take your education seriously, listen to your teachers and parents and be the best students you can be.”

Following Bass’ words, Terry talked to the youth about the importance of community service.

“Not only do we play basketball, fly to other cities and meet a lot of people, we give back to the community,” said Terry. “As an NBA player, I think we have a huge responsibility to give back just like you as students do too. If you don’t take care of your community, it’s not going to be good place to live. So any chance you all get to go out and volunteer, whether it’s feeding the homeless like I do at Thanksgiving and Christmas time, or donating clothes to Goodwill, please do. You can be any age to give back and it goes a long way. We’re very blessed and fortunate to have things and there are people in the community that aren’t as fortunate so go out help your community.”

Even though Terry and Bass had a long day ahead of them with practice, weightlifting and scouting reports, they both felt it was important to visit the two schools. The students at those schools now have an updated gym, decked out with Celtics colors, that will remind them of the impactful words that Terry and Bass delivered to them.

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