Sullinger Launches Inaugural Clothing Drive

BOSTON – Tuesday afternoon marked the inaugural Jared Sullinger Clothing Drive, where the Celtics forward and volunteers spent hours collecting clothes for the less fortunate.

Wanting to support the Celtics community and have fans get involved, the Sullinger partnered with Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries to host the event. More than 290 donors across New England, ranging from Rhode Island to Maine, arrived with their bags of clothing. Some donors arrived two hours early with their donation items in anticipation of meeting Sullinger. By the time the event started there was a huge line stretching around the block.

“I showed up and saw the line out the door and around the block and I was in shock,” Sullinger said.

Prior to meeting donors, Sullinger spoke to local youth about his life journey and how discipline helped him rise above challenges.

“It’s the small things that matter, whether it’s listening to your parents, your coach, or your mentor. Doing the little things add up and make a big difference in your life,” Sullinger explained.

While promoting the event, Sullinger challenged donors to bring at least seven gently used clothing items to help with Goodwill Industries of Boston. Donors who brought at least seven items met their favorite Celtic, took a photo with him and received an autographed photo. Additionally, the person who donated the most items received a private basketball clinic from Sullinger for up to 15 youth members, as well as a pair of Celtics tickets to the Friday, March 1 game against the Golden State Warriors.

When asked by donors how he came up with the idea of a clothing drive, Sullinger responded, “I have a lot of clothes to give away, so I thought why not donate them to Goodwill. Then I thought it would be great to make this a community event and meet hundreds of people in the community in the process.”

To determine the proper winner, Goodwill staff weighed all donations and the winner. Lindsey Gray, who donated 574 pounds of clothing, was the winner. Sullinger spoke to Gray for a few minutes and thanked her for her unmatched commitment to his event.

Donors continued to add to the extensive lines leading out the door for the better part of two hours. Sullinger took his time and met every donor, shook their hand, and personally thanked them for their generosity and commitment.

Sullinger showed his appreciation to donors by smiling for group photos and autographing personal items such as hats, jerseys, balls, and other memorabilia, that donors had brought wit them to the event.

At the conclusion of the event, a grand total of 5.8 tons of clothes had been donated to Goodwill all within a span of two hours.

“It was truly amazing to see how powerful the Celtics’ brand is in Boston,” said Sullinger. “All these donors arrived out of respect for the Celtics organization and our commitment to helping our community. This event was nothing short of amazing.”