Chris Wilcox Hosts Clinic in Support of AHA

Chris Wilcox hosted a basketball clinic at the Celtics practice facility to support the American Heart Association.

WALTHAM, Mass. - Chris Wilcox hosted a basketball clinic Monday afternoon for 10 middle school youth from Newton, Mass., at the Celtics practice facility in support of the American Heart Association.

The youth were wide-eyed as they entered the Hall of Fame room and saw Celtics memorabilia that illustrates the team’s history. After viewing the room, the students proceeded to the basketball court where they were excited to meet Wilcox.

Wilcox introduced himself to the group and began the clinic by demonstrating what the Celtics players do to loosen up before each practice. He emphasized that stretching is an important part of working out.

Once everyone was stretched and had an opportunity to get to know him, Wilcox wasted little time putting the youth to work. The group participated in drills that focused on the fundamentals of the game, including passing, dribbling and shooting. Following the drills, Wilcox decided it was time for the group to compete in a game of knockout. Wilcox was impressed with the talent of the group and decided to split it into two groups, boys versus girls, for a competition. Although it was a tightly contested, first-to-five-baskets matchup, the girls came out on top.

Wilcox led the group on a brief tour of the Waltham facility at the conclusion of the basketball clinic. HE showed off the Celtics weight room, their locker room and their training rooms.

When the tour came to an end, Wilcox announced, “Enough of me talking I bet you’re all hungry after playing so hard. Let’s go eat!”

The group returned to the Hall of Fame room, where it received pizza and autographs from Wilcox. Wilcox also used this time to share his story about dealing with a heart ailment with the kids.

“Last year my whole life changed,” remembered Wilcox. “In the course of a week I went from playing in an NBA game, to having a routine physical, to being told I needed major heart surgery. I was fortunate to have amazing doctors who took care of me during this time and encouraged me to never give up. I’m fortunate to be able to still play basketball and more importantly, getting to host events like this and speak to you. Just remember to never take the good things in your life for granted.”

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