Celtics Host Event at Museum of Science

Students from Winship Elementary School boarded the bus on Thursday afternoon en route to the Museum of Science in Boston. The 30 youth, who were selected because they were meeting the reading criteria of 20 minutes a day, five days a week, were in for a treat as the Boston Celtics, in partnership with Kia, hosted a Read to Achieve event.

As the students entered the Museum of Science, they were directed to the Colossal Fossil: Triceratops Cliff. Their eyes grew large as they saw life-sized dinosaurs in the exhibit area. Just as the youth were getting seated, Celtics guards Jason Terry and Courtney Lee and forward Jared Sullinger arrived and a loud round of applause came from the students.

The three players greeted every youth and sat down to read Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems. As Terry read the first sentence, the lights in the museum began to flicker and then the power went out.

“Now no one panic. This is all part of the event. We planned it,” joked Terry.

After evacuating the floor, the players and students found a new home on the main level in front of some space ships and continued to read Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs.

Following the reading, a member of the Museum of Science staff arrived with a live alligator to show the group. Everyone learned that alligators live to be about 70 years old, they don’t move much because they try to maintain the same body temperature and they don’t eat every day.

As the Read to Achieve event came to a close, Lee, Sullinger and Terry had some words of advice for the students.

“I used to be in a program just like this growing up,” said Lee. “It was called Book It. Every week we would read a book and have to take a test on what we read. If you got all the answers right, you got a prize like you all. That was my motivation to read books and I ended up loving to read. I put myself in those stories and had fun because each book took you somewhere else. I encourage all of you to enjoy reading because it’s an important part of life.”

Sullinger added, “The best advice I can give you all is to just listen. It’s the best thing you can do. Listen to your parents. Listen to your teachers. They want to help you succeed and they know best!”

Terry brought the message home. “Always believe in yourself and know that reading is fundamental. In order to be good at it, you must do it every day!”

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