Barbosa Hosts Holiday Party

Leandro Barbosa hosted a Christmas party to bring holiday cheer to more than 80 youth at the Lenox Housing Development on December 20, 2012.

BOSTON - The day after a big win against the Cavaliers, Boston Celtics guard Leandro Barbosa hosted a Christmas party to bring holiday cheer to more than 80 youth at the Lenox Housing Development. A Christmas tree decorated in lights and ornaments along with wrapped presents were centered in the room, creating a warm and welcoming presence for the kids.

Barbosa arrived early in an effort to greet the youth as they entered the room.

“It was a great moment seeing the kids come into the room,” said the Celtics guard. “We transformed the room to make it festive and the kids’ eyes lit up seeing the decorations, board games and gifts.”

Once everyone was in the room, the youth sat down at the tables and jumped right in, competing against each other in Jenga, Connect 4 and Foosball. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Barbosa played Foosball and Connect 4 against kids of all ages. He couldn’t beat all of them, but he certainly tried.

“The kids were really good at the board games,” exclaimed Barbosa. “I definitely should have practiced before the event.”

Taking a break from the completion, Barbosa went around the room serving pizza to the youth. As the kids ate, they continued to play games with each other and were treated to dessert following the pizza.

The night wasn’t over for the kids, however. Following dessert, Barbosa had one more surprise. The boxes were not just for decoration but instead were filled with gifts for the kids.

Lining up starting with the youngest girls, all the way to the oldest boys, each kid had the opportunity to take a picture with Barbosa as he gave them their gift and signed an photograph for them. Thanking Barbosa with smiles on their faces, the kids left with a memory that will last a lifetime. “It is important to not ignore these neighborhoods,” Barbosa said following the event. “Newbury Street is less than a mile from here, yet these people are struggling. Growing up back home in Brazil, poverty surrounded me. I am at a point in my career where my main goal is to help people. We all have to do our part to help those in need, especially around the holidays.”

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