Autistic Students Present Celtics with Mosaic Art

DORCHESTER, Mass. – Forty-three students with autism at the Joseph Lee Elementary School sat in awe as the Celtics mascot, Lucky, entered their gymnasium Wednesday morning. After working on a special project about the Celtics for the past two weeks, it was nice to see the object of their artwork in person.

“Good morning,” said Lucky. “We’re so happy to be here today and thank you for hosting us. Now, I heard you all had a big surprise for us?”

Voices erupted from every direction as the youth explained to Lucky that they did indeed have a surprise.

As Lucky turned toward the wall behind the basketball goal, three selected students ran over to tear down the paper that was hiding the gift. Once the paper was removed, a beautiful Celtics mosaic was left standing. The students had used 9,000 small pieces of construction paper to create the final product.

“This masterpiece is proof that students with disabilities are capable of accomplishing great feats when given the proper support and patience,” said art teacher Chris Hall.

Lucky stood looking at the artwork in amazement.

“This blows me away it’s so cool!” he exclaimed. “I could never have done this! We will be sure to put it up in our office to remember the great fans we have here at the Joseph Lee School. Now, I have a surprise for you all too!”

And just like that Lucky and his crew quickly set up mats under the goal as he prepared to dunk for the group. After three sensational dunks, Lucky needed help from someone to complete his last, most complex dunk.

While searching the crowd for an assistant, he chose Chris Hall. The students were so excited that “Mr. Chris” was helping their favorite mascot that they started chanting his name. Hall stood in front of the basket holding the basketball up in the air. With “LUCK-Y” chants ubiquitous throughout the gym, Lucky ran from one end of the court to the other, jumped on the trampoline, picked up the ball in the air and did a front flip, 360 dunk! The students began cheering immediately.

Once everyone calmed down, Lucky again thanked the students for the Celtics mosaic art piece and reminded them to appreciate the teachers who inspire their creativity each and every day.

Celtics Mosaic Celtics Mosaic
Celtics Mosaic Celtics Mosaic

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