Celtics Visit Perkins School for the Blind

WATERTOWN, Mass. – Normally Boston Celtics players Brandon Bass, Avery Bradley, and Greg Stiemsma are used to being hammered with questions from news reporters like Gene Lavanchy. But today, it was the students at the Perkins School for the Blind who asked all the questions.

Perkins School for the Blind has been the leading force in education for adults and children that are blind, deafblind and visually impaired since 1832. Today, the students were able to teach the players about their various forms of communication during a special roundtable discussion.

Gene Lavanchy, from Fox News, introduced the athletes and their interviewers. All the students in attendance cheered, anxiously awaiting the first question from their peer

Colby asked, “What jobs do you do at home?”

Bass answered first by telling the youth that he cleans up after himself and takes the trash out. Bradley and Stiemsma both told the crowd that they cook for themselves. Laughing, Lavanchy asked if their cooking took place in the microwave. The audience laughed while Stiemsma said, “No, I actually cook, I make my own pasta!”

The next question came from Patrick. “What is your favorite pregame music?” he asked.

Bass responded by asking Patrick if he had ever heard of Rick Ross. The teachers in attendance laughed while Bass and Bradley agreed that Lil’ Wayne was among their top choices for pregame music. Stiemsma concluded that he only listened to Lil’ Wayne when his teammates played it too loud. He told the kids, “I like country music, Jason Aldean and Eric Church are some of my favorites.”

“What was your favorite basketball game ever,” asked another student.

Bass and Bradley both stated that playoff games were their favorite because of the excitement in the arena. Stiemsma told the students that his favorite game was the first time he started for the Celtics. He said, “It was amazing, the Garden was rocking, like usual.”

Next, the youth wanted to know if the players had any pets. Bradley enthusiastically told the students that he has one dog named Rocko, who now lives with his mother because of the Celtics’ busy schedule. As he gushed on about his dog, Bradley told the crowd that he even dresses Rocko up in clothes.

Stiemsma agreed with Bradley, saying, “Having a pet is hard because of our schedule, but I do think of my sister’s dog as mine.”

Bass honestly added, “I’m not much of a pet person, I’d much rather spend the time with my children…”

Then the Celtics players took over the reins and asked the students when and how they learned how to read in Braille. One student explained that he was in kindergarten. He realized he wanted to be able to read and this was the only way he could. The crowd cheered proudly for him.

Once the roundtable concluded, the players and students gathered to take a picture. Then Bass, Bradley and Stiemsa socialized with the youth and their teachers. While signing autographs, the group fielded more questions from the Perkins students.

By the end of the event both Celtics players and the Perkins students were able to learn more about each other.