Fit to Win Visits Bates Elementary

SALEM, Mass. – Thanks to a few third-grade students, Bates Elementary School got a special visit from the Boston Celtics and Covidien. The students won the opportunity to have the Covidien Fit to Win program at their school by submitting responses detailing their favorite healthy foods and activities. The Covidien Fit to Win program encourages healthy living through daily exercise and eating healthy.

The event began with Celtics player Rajon Rondo cartwheeling into the gym following teammate Brandon Bass, Celtics Strength and Conditioning Coach Bryan Doo and Celtics mascot Lucky. Dave Hoffman, Community Relations Manager for the Celtics introduced the crew to the entire elementary school.

As the crowd welcomed the guests, Hoffman wanted the kids to give a special welcome to Teresa from Covidien.

“Without her none of this would be possible,” Hoffman said.

Fit to Win

The Celtics visited Bates Elementary School in early March and delivered a day that the students will never forget.
Boston Celtics

The youth clapped as Teresa went on to further explain the importance of the Fit to Win Program.

Following Teresa’s words, Hoffman asked Bryan Doo what his role with the team is. Doo explained that it is his job to get the players in the best shape they can be in and to also help their bodies recover after games or injuries.

“He’s the best trainer in the NBA,” Rondo added. Doo received applause and cheers from the school.

Next, Hoffman introduced Bass as having one of the best diets on the team. Bass laughed and said, “I don’t know if I have the best diet, but I try to listen to Doo and eat as many fruits and vegetables as I can.”

Lucky added the importance of not only being active through basketball, football and baseball but through other physical outlets, like gymnastics. Hoffman told the youth about a time when he saw Lucky during a Celtics home game and he was sweating and out of breath. He then instructed Lucky to tell the students about his pregame warm-up routine.

“Before games I practice my three dunks for an hour and a half until I make ten of each of my dunks,” said Lucky. “Then I make sure I drink lots of water. Drinking water is key to replenishing your body.”

Hoffman then asked Rondo if he had a favorite activity that Doo had given him. Rondo explained that he liked a game that involved two trash cans at opposite ends of the court. The objective was to have two teams trying to score on each other’s basket while avoiding getting tagged by a member of the opposite team. Hoffman asked the students if they wanted to try it out. With help from Rondo and Bass, teams were picked and the youth began playing Rondo’s favorite game.

As the assembly was coming to an end Hoffman announced, “Thank you for having us, we’ve had a great time today. We hope you learned about how to lead a healthy lifestyle.” Before he could get another word out, Lucky interrupted him.

“Do you guys want to see a dunk show?” Lucky shouted as the kids erupted with screams and applause.

Lucky stretched and warmed up as the students shouted his name in unison. After a couple of practice runs, Lucky slammed the ball through the hoop with a little help from the Bates Elementary School principal. Following the assembly, the third-grade students who won the contest escorted the players, Doo and Lucky to their classroom. There, they were tasked with creating a beautiful but healthy dessert out of fruit for the judges. As the youth pieced pineapple, strawberries, grapes, and melon together, the Celtics walked from team to team examine and judge the competition. They realized that the competition was too close to call and decided that all of the students should win. Rondo, Bass, Doo and Lucky handed each student an autographed place mat as their prize.

In the end, the entire school benefited from learning more about being physically active and living with healthy eating habits.