Celtics, Covidien Team Up for Fit To Win Event

CHARLESTOWN, Mass. - In 2008, the Surgeon General’s office sent out a call to action in order to prevent obesity, as it had more than tripled in the United States over the last 30 years. The report expressed concern about children and the lifestyles they were leading. To that extent, it was recommended that children eat healthier and exercise as ways to prevent obesity.

In their quest to reduce obesity, Covidien and the Boston Celtics partnered for the “Fit to Win” event at the Charlestown Boys and Girls Club Monday afternoon. Rookie Luke Harangody and Strength and Conditioning Coach Bryan Doo stressed the importance of a healthy lifestyle to 18 children.

Fit to Win

Luke Harangody and Brian Doo pose with one group as they show off one of the day's fruit creations.
Ashley Earle

Harangody and Doo met the eager youngsters in the gymnasium. After introductions were made, Doo began to ask them questions?

“What do the Celtics do to stay in shape?”

Hands immediately shot in the air. After being selected by Doo, one child answered, “They exercise!”

Doo went on to express the importance of exercise. “Exercise is anything that you put effort into while you keep moving.”

It was time to put Doo’s words into action. The group got up off of the bleachers and stretched so that no muscles would be pulled during their physical activity game. Harangody demonstrated the different stretches for the kids.

Following stretching, the kids were divided into two teams, Team Luke and Team Doo. As cones were arranged on the court, the teams were instructed to either flip the cones up or down depending on which team they were on. If more down cones were down, then Team Luke would win. If more cones were up, Team Doo would be the victors.

The whistle blew and the youth raced to the cones. Amazingly, the first game ended in a tie! Doo wanted nothing to do with that so he encouraged his team for the second game and they came out victorious. Harangody, in turn, cheered his group on for the third and final game and they won.

It was the first time Doo had ever lost in that game.DSC01518

With their heart rates up and sweat dripping from their foreheads, the youth moved to a classroom for their next activity. Six tables were set up with three chairs at each. Plates of fruit were centered on the tables along with paper and a marker.

Before the activity began and with the help of Harangody and Doo, each team had three minutes to write down as many fruits and vegetables they could think of. In the end, one team had 28 fruits and veggies listed. For winning, they were able to begin the fruit activity a couple of minutes before the others.

Each team was given the task of creating the best design and art piece from a pineapple base, various fruits and skewers. With Harangody and Doo judging the final designs, one lucky team would be given Celtics tickets!

The youth quickly got to work, because after all, tickets were on the line. Doo and Harangody went from team to team. One group was building a Celtics player while another wanted to get every piece of fruit in their design. Ten minutes later, time was up.

Harangody and Doo had a hard time deciding who would win because all of the designs looked amazing. After huddling for a few minutes, the duo told the youth that they were all winners and would be coming to a Celtics game, which incited plenty of reaction from the kids. Claps and cheers ensued. However, before ending the event, the children were reminded about the importance of exercising and eating healthy.

“In order to be in good health, you all need to eat right,” said the rookie. “Fruits and vegetables are really good for you. You all should also exercise daily. You can spend 20 minutes before or after school doing some type of exercise.”