Jefferson Watches Summer League with Kids from RFK Children’s Action Corps

Al Jefferson

Big Al hosted children from RFK Children's Action Corps in Lancaster to watch the Celtics Summer League finale against the Dallas Mavericks.

What has Big Al Jefferson been doing in the offseason? In addition to practicing for the 2007-2008 season, Big Al invited kids from RFK Children's Action Corps in Lancaster, a child welfare and educational program, to come watch the Celtics' summer league finale against the Dallas Mavericks this past Saturday. Jefferson gave the kids a tour of the facility and treated them to pizza and autographs throughout the afternoon.

As they watched the game, the ever-curious kids huddled around Jefferson, periodically asking him questions regarding life as an NBA player and his own childhood. They also spent some time comparing their feet to his enormous size 18 shoes wondering out loud whether they could fit both their feet in one of his sneakers. At one point during the game, Gerald Green took a three point shot and a youngster sitting next to Big Al couldn't help but ask, "Do you shoot threes?" Al simply replied, "I'll get in trouble if I shoot those."

During the third quarter of the game, the NBA TV announcers gave a shout out to Jefferson and all of the RFK kids back at the practice facility in Waltham. The kids were stunned with excitement because they couldn't believe that the announcers knew they were watching the game with Big Al on the other side of the country.

After the game, Jefferson and the kids headed to the court where the kids tried their luck (and showed their skill) from the three-point line. Jefferson and the kids shot around and played some one-on-one before calling it a day. But Jefferson did not let them go empty handed, as each kid received a hat, T-shirt, and a Big Al Jefferson wristband.

As large an impact he has on the court, Jefferson's off-court impact will extend well beyond the length of his playing career. He left a lasting impression on these kids in teaching them about chasing their dreams, working hard and never giving up. While the NBA's young players were in Las Vegas seeking the opportunity of a lifetime, Big Al was back home in Boston providing some local youngsters with a day they are sure not to forget.

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