The Heroes Among Us award is a program of the Boston Celtics, presented by the Mass State Lottery.

Heroes Among Us

March 19, 2014 - Ellie Monger

At such a young age eighth-grader Ellie Monger is giving back to her community.

Last year Ellie created “Wish Upon a Crayon,” a charity that recycles crayons to help kids in need. After collecting old crayons from bins she set up in churches and schools, she began to melt them down into star shapes. To date Ellie has donated over 100 crayons and coloring books to kids in homeless shelters!

For commitment and dedication to giving back, please join us in celebrating Ellie Monger as a Hero Among Us!

Heroes Among Us

March 12, 2014 - Meghan Gillespie

For the last four years Meghan Gillespie has served as a volunteer Playspace Activity Leader at Horizons for Homeless Children.

Having dedicated countless hours to mentoring youth, Meghan gives children a chance to escape their tough situations and be a kid for a few hours each week. She also is a strong advocate for Horizons, advising and guiding new activity leaders through her work with the Playspace Activity Leader Council. To date the Playspace program amazingly reaches over 2,000 children each week!

For selflessly devoting her time to enrich the lives of youth, please join us in celebrating Meghan Gillespie as a Hero Among Us.

Heroes Among Us

March 9, 2014 - Sierra Weiss

Using her love of dance, high school senior Sierra Weiss has dedicated her time and resources to helping youth with disabilities.

After spending time with special needs kids at her summer camp, Sierra recognized that dance was a therapeutic outlet for them. To that end, she founded Dance-4-Empowerment, a non-profit that develops dance programs for people with disabilities. Sierra currently works with 10 students with the goal of adding 10 more very soon!

For her selfless dedication to helping other youth, please join us in celebrating Sierra Weiss as a Hero Among Us.

Heroes Among Us

March 7, 2014 - Bohdan Pomahac

Dr. Bodhan Pomahac has spent nearly two decades helping patients in need.

As the Director of the Plastic Surgery Transplantation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Bohdan learned of a patient who had been injured by an electric shock that removed his face. History was made on March 22, 2011 when Bodhan performed the first full-face transplant in the United States for this patient. The 15-hour surgery incredibly replaced the man’s nose, lips and facial skin and helped him regain his sense of smell!

For his efforts to positively change patients’ lives, please join us in celebrating Bohdan Pomahac as a Hero Among Us.

Heroes Among Us

March 5, 2014 - Amber Bobnar

From the moment Amber Bobnar laid eyes on her son, Ivan, she knew she would love, cherish and protect him.

When Ivan was born with complex special needs, Amber was desperate for answers. Unable to find them, she founded, a website for parents of young children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities. Amber has since created a safe, positive place for parents to start conversations, locate resources and find mutual support among families!

For her commitment to helping families all over the world, please join us in celebrating Amber Bobnar as a Hero Among Us.

Heroes Among Us

March 1, 2014 - Carl Farrington

Lawrence police officer Carl Farrington works to protect our community day-in and day-out.

While on duty last month, the 12-year veteran received a call that a home was on fire. He immediately raced to the scene and without a moment’s hesitation entered the burning building. Carl amazingly carried one of the victims down the stairs on his shoulders preventing what could have been a terrible tragedy!

For his quick thinking and lifesaving actions, please join us in celebrating Officer Carl Farrington as a Hero Among Us.