C's Take Duck Boat Tour, Stress Importance of Reading

Several Celtics and students from the John P. Holland School came together for a special Read to Achieve event on the Charles River.

BOSTON - Two duck boats stood in the parking lot outside the TD Garden when a group of 18 students from the John P. Holland School arrived in green T-shirts and were greeted by Boston Celtics players Jordan Crawford, Kelly Olynyk, Phil Pressey, Kris Humphries, Kammron Taylor, Chris Babb, and Damen Bell-Holter. The group came together for a special Read to Achieve event, presented by Kia Motors and in partnership with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

While speaking on the impact of the Read to Achieve program, Celtics forward Olynyk told the youth that, “Reading is a good way to help you all progress. Even after school is over you will continue to use your reading skills every day.”

Following a group photo and words from the players, the group divided in two and boarded the Duck Boats.

On one of the Duck Boats, Olynyk asked the kids, “Who likes to read?” Students eagerly raised their hands high as the boats began to depart.

Students “quacked” at pedestrians and spoke highly about their love for school and community as they rode through the streets of Boston. When the time finally arrived for the boat to dive into the water, the players and students all raised their hands high as the boat plunged into the Charles River.

The boat began to navigate the Charles, allowing players to explain the importance of reading. They then began to read the book “Make Way for the Ducklings.” Players took turns reading the book and invited students to read along with them over the boat’s PA system. After the reading of the book was complete, students actually took turns driving the Duck Boat through the water.

On the way back to the Garden the Duck Boats drove through Charlestown while the tour guide pointed out various landmarks, such as the Bunker Hill Monument, a historical site of the American Revolution. As the tour came to an end the students cheered in a chorus of “quacks” as the Duck Boats returned to the parking lot. After getting off the boats students conversed with Celtics players in the parking lot, getting autographs along with inspiring advice.

When asked about the importance of reading, Crawford said, “Reading is important for your future. In the NBA you have to be able to read contracts, scouting reports, and many other things.”

When the day concluded Crawford reminded students, “Don’t forget to read 20 minutes a day!”

Then the students got back on their bus, jumping with joy and excitement over their special Duck Boat experience.

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