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DORCHESTER, Mass. – The Boston Celtics have partnered with Covidien for the second consecutive year in an effort to promote healthy living among today’s youth. This year’s quest began Thursday afternoon at the Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club, where Boston Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers, Strength and Conditioning Coach Bryan Doo, Celtics Mascot Lucky and Covidien’s Director of Civic Affairs Teresa Hacunda joined 36 youth to reinforce the idea of exercising and eating healthy.

To kick things off, the youth were asked to create a healthy fruit dessert for their judges, Rivers, Doo, Lucky and Hacunda. The students imagined that they were the chef’s at an upscale restaurant and were tasked to make the most visually appealing, healthy dessert. The winning group would receive an autographed photo of Rivers.

As you can imagine, the students became very excited after learning of the prize. With 10 minutes to create the dessert, the youth quickly got to work adding fruits such as strawberries, grapes, pineapples, and cantaloupe to skewers. When emcee Matt Meyersohn told the kids that time was up, they raced to put the finishing touches on their artwork.

“These look great,” remarked Rivers. “I don’t know how we’re going to select a winning group.”

The judges took some time to examine each piece of artwork and then conferred together for a while. Still not able to make a decision, Meyersohn suggested the youth move to the gym for the exercise portion of the event and the judges could think about their decision while there.

In the gym, the students divided up into four teams in order to play a game with cones. Two teams at a time faced off against each other. One team worked to flip all the cones right side up while the other needed to flip the cones upside down. The youth were given one minute to flip as many cones as possible and definitely got a workout in while they raced around the court.

Following the cone game, the students were asked to sit on the bleachers for the conclusion of the event.

“How many of you had a good time today?” asked Meyersohn. After every hand was raised, Meyersohn continued, “That’s awesome! We’re here today to show you guys the importance of eating healthy and exercising. During our fruit activity, we could have given you chocolate or other candy to make a dessert for the judges but that wasn’t a healthy option. Fruit is full of nutrition and your goal after this event is to try to eat healthier every day.

“I bet no one in here thought flipping cones would constitute for exercise but I see a lot of you sweating. Exercise doesn’t just have to be playing a sport. You can get a group of friends together and flip cones, just as long as you’re moving around. Coach Rivers and Doo exercise almost every day. It’s important to them and I hope it’s important to you all as well.”

At the conclusion of Meyersohn’s words, it was time for Rivers to announce the winning team from the fruit activity.

“You all did a great job with both activities today,” said Rivers. “I hope that you all take what you’ve learned today and implement it into your lives. It’s so important for you all to lead healthy lives. I like to play video games as much as you guys do but make sure you’re getting outside and exercising as well. I also ask you all to be ambassadors and to show your peers how to eat healthy and exercise. Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. It was a tough decision but we finally came to an agreement. You all did such a great job that we decided you all were winners!”

The youth erupted into a loud cheer when they learned they would receive a Rivers autographed photo along with a letter to their parents and a healthy living placemat. These students will be great ambassadors as they teach their fellow classmates about living a healthy lifestyle.

Fit to Win Fit to Win
Fit to Win Fit to Win
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