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Delonte chatted live with fans on Friday.
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Celtics guard Delonte West stopped by on Friday, September 9 to chat live with fans as he begins to prepare for training camp and the 2005-06 NBA season. West talked about his rookie year, what he's been doing during the off-season and his expectations for this coming season.

West was a boost of energy coming off the bench for Boston last season, as he averaged 4.5 ppg in just 13 mpg.

Check out what Delonte had to say about this upcoming season and much more.

Treosha, Baton Rouge: What is the most important lesson learn from your rookie season and how will you use that to elevate your game this season?

Delonte West: When you get drafted this idea comes that you made it, but really the hard work had just started. So i gotta work hard every day, every second. I've applied that to this summer in camp just getting ready.

Automotive Rhythms: If you could compare your game style to a vehicle which make and model would it be?

Delonte West: It would be a '96 black-on-black Chevy Impala. Because it holds it own wherever it's at. It has a big engine in it, but it's smooth.

Doel Cosme, Boston: Whats up Delonte? What did you learn from Gary Payton last season? Good luck all season long and I hope you start for us.

Delonte West: You gotta approach every day with a new attitude. That's one thing he brought every day. He brought that intensity every day, and he didn't take any opportunity for granted. I've learned a lot off the court too from Gary. Acting professional and taking responsibility without letting it affect your on-court performance. That's the biggest thing I learned.

Chance, Boston: I was wondering if you ever met Red Auerbach and if so, what was the first thing he said to you and what was he like?

Delonte West: After I got drafted, Red called and wondered if I wanted to do lunch in D.C. And in my mind it didn't exactly click that it was the legend, it was Red. So I said I got something else to do, but then it clicked, and I was like man, that was RED AUERBACH! I felt a little foolish. But he told me he watched me at St. Joe's and that's one of the biggest compliments you can get.

Lexington: Hey D.West I've been a big fan of yours since your junior year in st joes. My Question is with all your injurys last year, what was the hardest part the mental or physical strain? P.S im attending St Joes Next year

Delonte West: It was more mental because the one thing you need as a rookie is to have your confidence up. And with the injuries I couldn't get into the flow of playing with the guys and getting that first game under the belt. And that played on the psyche a bit. So I was dealing with that early.

Delonte West: But when you have mentors like Paul, Raef and Mark they can constantly talk with the young guys and get them through the whole process. That was great for me.

Isaiah, Boston: Hi, Who was your favorite player growing up?

Delonte West: Michael Jordan. There were a lot of real good players during his era, but how could you not watch the greatest player to ever play the game in his prime? Any position on the floor, from center to point guard you could learn something from watching him play. He had everything in his arsenal.

Sam (North Oxford): What do you think of the Celtics drafting Gerald Green? How do you think he can help the team?

Delonte West: I think it was a great selection. He's a highly talented player, he just has to gain confidence and believe in himself that he can compete at this level. He's talented enough. He's real curious and he always wants to learn, he's always asking questions. We all try to help him out and that brings a good team unity.

Keith Lew (Worcester, MA): Delonte, let me start by saying I love your game and I think this is going to be your break out year...With that being said, do you think that you and Marcus are up for the challenge of handling the point guard position or do you think you guys need a veteran to help the two of you along?

Delonte West: Marcus was just here with me about two minutes ago, he just left my place. We got a lot of experience last year and learned from one of the greatest point guards in Gary Payton. That gave us a lot of confidence and now we are ready to roll. I can't wait to get the ball and start playing and I know Marcus feels the same way. We're up for the challenge.

Paul, Chester PA: Whats your relationship with Jameer Nelson now that the two of you are both pros, but don't play on the same team. And how often do you talk, see, and hand out with each other now?

Delonte West: We definitely stay in contact. I went back to philly this summer, we saw each other. We still have a close relationship. We have similar situations that we went through.

Jake (Newton): Why did you choose the number 13?

Delonte West: I wore 14 in high school, then Jameer had No. 14 at St. Joe's so I wore 15. When I got to the Celtics a lot of those numbers were taken. Thirteen was available and one of my best friends in college, went to NC Charlotte, he wore 13 in college. I took it to give him so more motivation to take that next step and make the NBA. And he did get signed this summer. I'm just happy to have a jersey and play ball.

Boston: Would you prefering playing PG or SG?

Delonte West: I never looked at myself as a label player. I always looked at myself as a player, growing up I'd play any position on the floor. Whatever position gets me more time on the floor and whatever helps out my team the most, I feel comfortable with it all. I'm a perfectionist, if they want me to play center one game, I'll try to perfect that. If you're a player you can play wherever they put you at.

Delonte West: I want to send my love to all the families that were affected by Hurricane Katrina. And I want to send my love to Big Tony, who passed away at a young age, and to his family. I'll to anything I can ever do for them.

Thanks to all the fans for all the support. We're looking to add on to what we started last year. The support you show is always appreciated. We know you're out there riding with us.
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