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Doc chatted live with fans on Wednesday.
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Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers stopped by on Wednesday, September 21st to chat live with fans as the team gets ready for training camp and the 2005-06 NBA season. Individual tickets for the upcoming season go on sale on Saturday.

In his first season as head coach of the Celts, Rivers guided Boston to the Atlantic Division championship.

Check out what Doc had to say about the young team, his former coaches and much more.

Geoff in Boston: Doc, are you excited about the upcoming compitition for the Point Gaurd spot in traning camp? Who do you think has the upper hand?

Doc Rivers: I don't know who has the upper hand. It's exciting in that we have a competition, but I'd prefer that one or two guys stand out, so we don't have to do things by committee. I want to get some consistency there and hope someone will step up in the competition and claim the role.

James (La Mesa, CA): Hello coach, how do you see Ricky Davis' role changing, if at all, this coming season?

Doc Rivers: It's a good question, because we added some guys Gomes and Reed, and we'll have to see how that shakes out. Ricky coming off the bench last year was phenomenal, both for him and for us. He is clearly the second-best scorer on our team and he can start alongside Paul Pierce, but whether or not we do that, or if we continue with him as a scorer for us off the bench, remains to be seen.

Nelson (Cranston,RI): Doc. I have watched the Celtics for the past 10 years and this is by far the one i am looking forward to because of the young guys. What do you think will be your hardest task this season with these young players? Your doing a GREAT JOB, keep up the good work.

Doc Rivers: A few things. Consistency is something we need and that is sometimes a problem with young kids. Also, accepting roles is important. Not everyone can be the star. Players need to accept their roles and that is sometimes a challenge.

Shaun (Charlotte): Whats the deal with Big Al this season? Do you think he is able to have a breakout season?

Doc Rivers: I hope so. We really need him to be a lowpost presence for us. We lived and died by the jumper last year, especially in the playoffs. And Al can give us that lowpost game that we need.

Sam Mutlu (North Oxford): Hi Doc, first of all I would like to say, "thank you" for a wonderful season and success with your first year as head coach of the Boston Celtics. My question is, how do you feel to have signed free agent Brian Scalabrine?

Doc Rivers: Loved it. We needed to add some character, and Brian has that. We needed some energy and basketball IQ and Brian has those things too. Plus, Brian has a heckuva jump shot. Add that all up, and all the little things Brian can do to help you win games, and I'm very excited about getting him on our team.

ryan (boston): HI DOC, I was wondering if you are going to have the same deffensive schemes this year? and what do you see that this team needs to do to become a much better deffensive team?

Doc Rivers: I think defensively we have several areas we need to improve in. We gave up too many easy buckets in transition and also we didn't rebound well. We need more individual pride. We need to start with individual defense, each player being committed to doing his job, and then we can look at how we want to defend as a team. But it needs to start with each individual doing it, and wanting it.

Roger Porter: New Jersey: Hey coach rivers how are you sir, I've always wanted to know. What was it like playing under Pat Riley, Larry Brown, and Mike Fratello? What what it is like coaching againset them is it kind of hard? Good Luck too you and the team sir.

Doc Rivers: It's a joy coaching against them, and anytime I can beat them, I really enjoy it. They are all three, extremely competitive, which made them great coaches. But on the other side, losing to them hurts me. I was blessed as a player, having great coaches like that, and that has helped me be a better coach.

Mark (Boston): Hey Doc, I thought you did a really great job last season and was especially pleased with your patience and developement of the younger players. Having so many young players, I was hoping to get your opinion on the new Developmental league. Do you think your young players would benefit more from playing a lot in that league, or do you think it is more benefitial for them to be learning and getting experience from being with the team day in and day out? Thanks Doc. Keep up the great work! - Mark

Doc Rivers: It's a great question. It's mostly a case-by-case basis. Most guys need to play, whether in the NBA or down in the D-League. Some other guys need to learn, so being here in the NBA and learning things...on and off the important for them, whether they are getting minutes in the actual games or not. So, we will look at each case and make the right decision for each player.

Lexington: How do you think the rookie Gerald Green will do in his first year with being so young? How is he in practice?

Doc Rivers: Right now he is extremely green, if you know what I mean! (Laughing). But really, we don't know yet. If he gets on the Celtics uniform and helps us this year, that would be great. If he doesn't and he takes some time, that would be OK too. He's very young. But one thing I will tell you: He will be a good player. That much I can say.

Ross, Boston: Hey Doc, I love the depth on the roster! What's the outlook for Kendrick Perkins this year? If he can keep from fouling, I love his presence and boards.

Doc Rivers: I love his presence on the board as well and on the defensive end. He's our best shotblocker and lowpost defender. He needs to work on staying out of foul trouble and sometimes it's just a matter of getting the minutes so you can learn that.

Dana (Lawence): Hey Doc! With the influx of even more young talent, do you see the increase in athleticism as leading to a playoff berth again this season? Keep up the good work!

Doc Rivers: I do. I believe we'll make the playoffs. Our young guys will have to play well for us to do it. They have the energy and athleticism and we need to use that, because they also sometimes lack the experience and savvy that veteran players have.

Doc Rivers: I'd like to thank the fans for their interest in the NBA and the Boston Celtics. This is a great city to coach in, and I don't take that lightly. I think we are in for a good season this year, and we'll fight for the playoffs. I think a key will be our veteran players, who can not only deliver their own games, but help us develop and grow with our young players into a tough, competitive team. Thanks again for all the support.
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