Chat Transcript: Ryan Gomes

Celtics rookie Ryan Gomes has been red hot of late, starting for the C's and scoring a career-high 19 points against the LA Lakers on Feb. 26th and pulling down a career-high 19 boards against the Portland Trail Blazers on Feb. 24th.

Gomes chatted with Celtics fans Thursday afternoon about his rookie season and his adjustment to the NBA.

Check out what Ryan had to say about his recent strong performances, his years at Providence and much more.

Jake -Westford, MA: Wow, Ryan, wow. Your past few games have been pretty groundbreaking. To what do you attribute your success? Getting comfortable in your role as a starter? Being in the right place at the right time? New socks? Keep up the good work!

Ryan Gomes: It's a combination of both. Knowing you're gonna be out there, you're loose and ready to go. It's about running the floor and getting easy baskets. The easy shot in the game is a layup and that's what I'm trying to do.

Anders (Sweden): Hey Ryan. I wanna know what you where thinking when you got drafted by the Celtics, pressure or relief? Your gonna be the next Shawn Marion!

Ryan Gomes: Relief! I thought I was gonna go in the first round, but I didn't know which team. My goal, my senior year was to get in the first round and get a guaranteed contract. Going to the Celtics and the opportunity to be drafted by them, is an honor. The tradition and all the great players that have played here, make the Boston Celtics very special and I'm happy to be a part of that.

Mike (Chicago): How does it feel to have a career game against the wizards and then the very next night surpass that at home?

Ryan Gomes: It feels good. I didn't know that I'd get career-highs two games in a row. Coming off the road game at Washington and then playing well the next game, that is something I was happy to do. We get paid to perform night-in and night-out. Plus, it's not really about me getting career-highs. It's about winning games and getting into the playoffs and that is my entire focuse right now. Winning games and getting into the playoffs.

Tony (Boston): Ryan, how has your 4 years of college helped you compete at such a high level over the past few weeks?

Ryan Gomes: Playing in the Big East, which is the best conference in college basketball, the competition is very high, at a very high level. Every night, you are playing against great competition. And the coaching staff at Providence helped me with that. Now, playing with Paul and these guys with the Celtics, I'm just trying to keep playing the same way, and contribute anyway I can to win games.

Brandon (Flint): What do you miss the most about Providence?

Ryan Gomes: Hmmm. My teammates. I had great teammates there. Also the fans. Providence is a small, Catholic school and the fans there, and the environment there, was just terrific. It was a great experience.

David, Swampscott Ma: Hey Ryan! How did you first get into basketball?

Ryan Gomes: My first organized playing was in ninth grade. Before that, I just played pick-up with guys who lived in the same complex as mine. Just like playing other sports there, football, baseball. My freshman year the coach there, Reggie O'Brian asked me play and I did, and it just took off from there. I went from level to level and now I'm at the NBA.

Chris, Elizabethtown,Ky: Hey Ryan, How is it to play for Doc Rivers?

Ryan Gomes: It's great. It's always great to have a coach who played the game, been in the league for a long time. Also, he was a point guard, with a defensive mentality which helps me. Plus, he sticks with his school, he wanted Marquette to beat my Providence team recently and he let me have it when they won. He's a real people person like that, and I really enjoy him as a coach, even though I wanted Providence to win.

Alex Union City, NJ: Which NBA player would you like to play one-on-one? You can pick from Bob Cousy all the way to Chris Paul. Good luck the rest of the season.

Ryan Gomes: Play one-on-one? It would have to be....hmmm......from Bob Cousy to Chris Paul. I'd have to say Jordan. Just from watching him since I was a kid, and now being a part of the NBA now, I'd have to say Jordan. He's probably one of the greatest players ever, and I always want to challenge myself, so it would have to be Michael Jordan.

Will (Rockville, MD): Ryan, What do you like to do in your free time?

Ryan Gomes: I get on the Internet, see what's going on. Check out my hometown. See how Providence is doing. I also play video games, Madden 2006 and the newest NBA game. Also, on this team, we play alot of cards, so we play some Texas Hold'Em.

MattB: Hey Ryan, it's great to see you start to get some recognition. Where do you see yourself fitting in when Perk gets back? Do you think you can complement each others game?

Ryan Gomes: When he's back, I will still do whatever I can to help the team win. If it's point, two or three, I don't care. I think we can play well together, he's a good rebounder and I think I can help there too. So, whatever decisions are made, starting, the bench, whatever, I will bring the same intensity and hustle and do everything I can to help the Boston Celtics win.

Billy Green (Gilford, NH): Yo my question is what position do you see yourself playing in the future with this team? and how have you become such a success at power forward regardless of your size?

Ryan Gomes: Right now, I'm comfortable at the 4 position. It has been good for me and the team. Now, in the offseason, the coach may want to switch me to small forward, or stick with power. Whatever they want. I can step out and hit the jump shot and now I think I can rebound and get to the ball quicker than the guys who are taller and stronger than me at the 4.

Matt (plattsburgh, ny): After recent wins, the Celts are 3.5 out of a playoff spot. They're chasing Milwaukee. Do you have a shot?

Ryan Gomes: Yes, I think we do. We lost some tough, close games early in the year, but we're picking up some big games now. It's all about a strong finish. I think we can catch them and make the playoffs. Forget about the first part of the season, since the All-Star Break we are playing well and I think we can definitely catch them and make the playoffs.

Ryan Gomes: Thanks to the fans for chatting with me today. Sorry I couldn't answer all the questions, I did as many as I could with the time we had. I hope you'll keep supporting me and the Celtics and we will keep working hard to make the playoffs and then take from there once we get in. I hope to be talking to you all again in the future. Thanks.
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