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Newest Celtic Dan Dickau took a few minutes to chat with fans on Thursday, October 13th at 1:30 p.m. ET. Dickau shared his thoughts on becoming a Celtic, life in Boston and his impressions of his first training camp with the C's.

Check out what Dan had to say.

Mike, Plainfield CT: Hey DD welcome to the Celtics man. How does it feel for you to get a fresh start with a franchise that has such history as the Celtics where the fans care so much about their team??

Dan Dickau: It's great. Coming from Gonzaga, where people live and breathe GU, to be in an NBA environment where people really care about the team should be a lot of fun.

eric (Melbourne, Australia): Hey Dan - From Downunder and Boston's sister city. Best Wishes for the new season. What do you think is going to happen with the point guard rotation, do you see yourself or Delonte West starting?

Dan Dickau: Obviously I see myself in the starting role, and those two guys probably see themselves in the starting role too. As a competitor I want to be the guy. I want to be the starter and will play as hard as possible to be the starter, but if that isn't the decision I will do everything I can to help the team from the bench.

Ben Brostoff, Boston: What are your impressions of Doc Rivers so far? How is he different from other coaches you have had in the past?

Dan Dickau: I really like Doc. Having a former point guard as my coach is nice for me, because he can really notice the things I'm seeing on the court, because of his past playing experience in the NBA. I hope to benefit from that, and he can be a great help to me, since he played so successfully for so many years in the NBA.

Drew(West Bridgewater): Are you excited to run an offense with talent such as Pierce, Davis, and Jefferson.

Dan Dickau: It is definitely going to be nice. I have plenty of options on the wings, with Ricky, Paul and Tony Allen. The you got guys who can post....then you got guys who can stop and pop. We have it all on this team, and the more options the better it is for us guards.

Katsuo (Kochi, Japan): Hello Mr. Dickau. Please tell us about the players that inspire your game. Particularly what point guards do you admire?

Dan Dickau: Growing up my favorite player of all time was Pete Maravich. More recently guys like Michael Jordan of course. But then..guys more my size, would be John Stockton, who I really liked and Mark Price.

Will (Burlington, VT): Dan, was it hard to go from a place like Gonzaga, which seems pretty laid back in the the middle of nowhere to New Orleans and Boston, which are pretty big places and what do you do to keep you away from those distractions??

Dan Dickau: I wouldn't say Spokane is in the middle of nowhere! It's just a nice little city on the West Coast. But, yes, there is an adjustment, mostly outside of basketball, when you move onto other, bigger cities.

Jamie (Boston): Freestyle a bit for us and I'll be your best friend.

Dan Dickau: Ha-ha (Laughing) No. Actually me and Brian Scalabrine are the best rappers on the Celtics.

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Julie (Boston, but attended Gonzaga): What is the one thing that you most loved about Gonzaga?

Dan Dickau: The one thing, that would be hard. The whole experience was great for me. Just how the whole basketball program was one big family was terrific. We all went there to become the best players we can, and that was nice.

Dan (boston): With all the compition at point guard this, year how do you fell the team chemistry is going to work and what are your expectations for the season?

Dan Dickau: I haven't seen any chemistry problems at all. Those things only happen if guys aren't on the same page, and I think everyone on this team is committed to being on the same page. We know where our scoring needs to come from and where it has to come from, so I don't see problems there.

Jeff Mangurten (Chicago): Hey Dan, do you consider yourself more of a scorer or a distributor. In New Orleans last year, you scored more, but it appeared like you were trying to pass more Tuesday night in Pittsburgh. Which are you trying to play more like, and which do you prefer, scoring or distributing?

Dan Dickau: The point guard who can score a little bit, you are always walking that fine line. In New Orleans, they needed me to score more, where we have lots of scoring here in Boston, so that won't be required of me as much with the Celtics. On any given night, depending on your team and your opponent, I may be needed to score more, but that depends on the circumstances. But I'm comfortable scoring and distributing, whatever it takes for us to win games.

Brandon (Corcoran,CA): Dan has there been any player on the Celtics that you have felt an instant on court connection?

Dan Dickau: An instant offcourt connection was made with Brian Scalabrine (Laughing) Ha-Ha. I just said that because he's hanging out here in the training room.

Dan Dickau: I appreciate the questions and interest and all your support. I look forward to doing well here in Boston and thanks again and God bless.
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