NBA All-Star 2011 Blog

Annual NBA All-Star Game Ends in Defeat for East - 9:07 p.m. PST

The main event of the 2011 NBA All-Star Weekend certainly lived up to the hype as the East rallied from a double-digit deficit in the fourth, but ultimately fell to the West squad 148-143 in the NBA's annual All-Star Game.

Ray Allen hit a 3-pointer with 9.9 remaining in the game to bring the East within three points of the tie, but his efforts were too little, too late. Allen finished with 12 points and four rebounds, while teammate Rajon Rondo scored six points while dishing eight assists. Rondo's eight assists were second only to LeBron James' 10 in the exhibition.

Paul Pierce had six points on the night and Kevin Garnett netted four points in less than eight minutes of play.

LeBron led the East with an impressive triple-double performance, netting 29 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists. His triple-double makes him just the second player in NBA history to record a triple-double in an All-Star Game. The only other? Michael Jordan, in 1997.

Kobe Bryant nabbed his fourth All-Star MVP Award with his 37-point, 14 rebound performance, tying an NBA record for most All-Star MVP Awards earned.

The Celtics return to regular season action Tuesday night as they take on the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA.

- Bill Ramos

Calm Before the Storm - 11:49 a.m. PST

Sunday is always a quiet afternoon at All-Star, as players, executives and fans recover from Saturday night's festivities (read: parties) and get ready for Sunday night's All-Star game.

Otherwise, Jam Session is in full swing, and today is mostly a waiting game for the main event tonight, the 60th NBA All-Star Game.

- Peter Stringer

Pierce, Allen Fall in Finals of 3-Point Shootout

Paul Pierce talked plenty of trash in the weeks leading up to his 3-Point Shootout title defense, and had a chance to bag it up again in front of the Staples Center crowd, but when it came down to the final round, Pierce and Allen both came up short and Miami's James Jones scored 20 points in the final round and is your new long distance champ.

"I wanted to win badly. If I could find a gym tonight I'd do it again," Allen said, after dropping 20 points in an electric first round but scoring just 15 in the second and deciding round. Jones dropped 20 of his own in the second round to seal the win.

Pierce, who scored 12 in the first round and 18 in the second round, was in good spirits after the loss, smiling ear to ear and telling reporters that he "rushed it" and "let it slip away." Pierce didn't chat for long, as he was anxious to get out and watch the Slam Dunk contest.

- Peter Stringer

Pre-Event Festivities - 5:15 p.m. PST

Whoever wrote that song about it never raining in Southern California had better not show his face at the Staples Center tonight. The last two days of All-Star have been marred by sudden downpours, making tourists expecting sun and fun a little grouchy, not to mention sticking them in traffic jams.

The highlight of course tonight for Celtics fans will be the 3-Point Shootout as Ray Allen and Paul Pierce go head-to-head. It's last year's champ in his hometown defending his title against his teammate, and the career leader in 3-point field goal makes. That's a marquee matchup for Celtics fans, especially when you put the event in the Lakers' building.

- Peter Stringer

Morning Update

Today will be the busiest day of the weekend by far, as the All-Stars have their official practice session at NBA Jam Session (the interactive fan expo) in front of a live crowd, then take on the media in a free-for-all format on the court.

After the practice, Paul Pierce is hosting a charity event at his nearby alma mater, Inglewood High School. Pierce's first-time event, the All-Star Health & Fitness Festival, is slated to include appearances by Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, as well as numerous other NBA stars and celebrities including Maria Menounous.

“NBA All-Star Weekend is always exciting, but bringing the Truth on Health initiative to Inglewood, and hosting the All-Star Health & Fitness Festival in partnership with Bing, is truly a blessing,” said Pierce. “I started my basketball career as an Inglewood Sentinel, and I am so grateful to share my experiences and messages with the kids back in my hometown. This All-Star is particularly close to my heart.”

The event is expected to include a few basketball clinics and fitness demonstrations as part of Pierce's the Truth on Health initiative. Pierce has also teamed up with the folks at HGTV to create the Inglewood High School Locker Room Lounge to serve Inglewood's high school athletes.

Later tonight, of course, Pierce and Allen will go head to head in the Foot Locker 3-Point Shootout as a part of All-Star Saturday night.

- Peter Stringer

Media Access Complete - 3:26 p.m. PST

The four Celtics reserves and coach Doc Rivers all did approximately 45 minutes of open interviews with the media today at the J.W. Marriott hotel in downtown LA, just steps from the Staples Center where Sunday night's All-Star Game will be played. With media converging upon them from all corners of the Earth -- the questions ranged from the insightful to the ridiculous, and everything in between.

Paul Pierce was asked to write down a tweet so that it could be translated into Chinese, and thought long and hard before writing something about being "excited to see Kanye West tonight." Ray Allen was asked several Heat-themed questions by the Heat TV crew and he told them that he didn't understand what they were trying to ask; perhaps some gamesmanship toward the Celtics' chief rival in the East?

Kevin Garnett

Rajon Rondo was asked if he had his own fragrance, what would he call it? Rondo was at a loss, and never produced an answer.

Kevin Garnett got multiple questions about people who've been insinuating that he's a "dirty" player and KG was quick to take exception to it, saying that he doesn't use the word "dirty" to describe players the same way he wouldn't say he "hates" anyone. He added that he's really only concerned with what Doc Rivers thinks of his play.

As for Rivers? He was asked who would be the fifth reserve who would play with the Celtics reserves and joked that he might take the floor and "wear the tight shorts."

- Peter Stringer

All-Star Officially Underway - 9:48 a.m. PST

NBA All-Star officially gets underway today as players will meet with the media this afternoon in downtown Los Angeles. The East All-Stars are set to talk to the press from 1:15-2:00 PST (4:15 p.m. back in Boston) so look for tweets of notes and quotes from our guys around that time.

In the meantime, players all have several events to attend all over the city, whether it's NBA mandated photo shoots (see the sample below from Ray Allen's NBA Entertainment media circuit), or their own sponsor appearances and charity events. We'll be covering as many of these appearances as possible, but the chopper is in the shop, so maneuvering around Los Angeles will be a challenge this weekend.

Ray Allen

Throughout the weekend, we'll be tweeting out notes, quotes and pictures, and NBA Entertainment videos will be rolling in as well.

- Peter Stringer