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The Ruda Family - STH since 2008-09 Season

Spencer Ruda, Brian Scalabrina

Spencer Ruda takes a photo with Celtics forward Brian Scalabrine during a postgame shoot-around session on the Garden Parquet.
The Ruda family

We started out just by purchasing tickets to a few games, but with some help and positive attitudes from so many at the Garden it has helped us become not only true fans but also season ticket holders. We have been season ticket holders now for two years and are so thrilled with all of the activities and special events that take place. Each year is another level of excitement for us.

The [Jr. Announcer] was amazing for our son to experience. The High Five Kids Tunnel was an experience that kids could only dream of. To high five players on the team who are our children's role models is something that will stay with those kids throughout their lifetime as well as making such fun memories.

The shoot-around on the Garden floor is one of our most treasured memories. I hope that will always continue.

For a few moments, the kids can feel the energy of the court. The smiles on their faces are amazing.

Our personal experience has been delightful overall. We want to especially acknowledge Alyssa Tingle for doing her job and going above and beyond each year. She has been a great contact to have, greeting us with smiles and bringing such youthful energy to our overall experience and our son. For him to yell down to Alyssa while she is on the court and for her to light up and give a wave to him... well... it just doesn't get much better than that, unless it was Paul Pierce, of course...

- Tammy, Greg and Spencer Ruda of Gorham, Maine

Ms. Karen Mahoney - STH since 1993-94 Season

It's going to be tough to decide what STH moment is "the ONE."

Is it the one when after being on a waiting list for 10 years that on my 25th wedding anniversary I got the call? (If they had called sooner I could not have afforded the tickets but good things come to those who wait.)

Is it being able to attend the special event held for the STH when the Old Garden was closed and being able to get the autographs of the Celtic legends including my all-time favorite Don Nelson (oh, and Larry Bird, too)? I also stood on the parquet floor and sang the national anthem to anyone who would listen and videoed the whole thing.

Is it the fact that I was able to watch the rebuilding of the Celtics during the beginning of the new millennium and praying that Danny Ainge REALLY DID have a plan? (I believed and of course he did.)

Is it the many STH friends that I have made over the past years in Section 325 and 324? (Sometimes there were very few of us sitting there but we showed up for OUR team -- The Biggest Loser Brothers among them.)

Is it being able to share my tickets with family, friends and my students who might never have been able to attend a game?

Is it watching my grandson as he attends games with the same anticipation that I did when I first came to the Garden back in the 60s and still have today?

Is it when last year I was given the honor of being the STH of the Night, when I received an autographed ball, had my name and picture on the 'tron, got to meet the owners, was invited by Howie to go to the Courtside Club during halftime and spent the next day answering phone calls and e-mails from the many students and friends who saw me?


Is it knowing that not only does the Celtic organization bring some of the best athletes -- both personally and basketball savvy wise -- into its fold but also they employ a staff that makes each of us feel important whether a premium account or those of us who sit HIGH ABOVE COURTSIDE. I am a FAN, plain and simple, and I appreciate all that goes into running this business. I was before becoming a STH and will continue to be.

- Karen Mahoney of Arlington, MA

Mr. John LaRocca - STH since 1979-80 Season

As a season ticket holder since 1979, I've seen my fair share of championships, timeless moments and even a few struggles. But I've always stood by the Celtics.

I'm a Boston sports fan through and through -- as I am also a season ticket holder for the Patriots, Bruins and Red Sox. The Celtics have always been my No. 1 team; the enjoyment I get at games is unmatched anywhere else in sports.

I started following the team as a kid, rooting for Halvicek, Cousy and Russell as they dominated the parquet floor. Today, I love knowing the team is back contending for an NBA crown.

Being a season ticket holder has also been a phenomenal way to entertain clients for my business. If I can't make it to a game, I know I can pass along my tickets to co-workers or potential clients. I love being a Boston Celtics season ticket holder because I feel I'm a part of the Celtics tradition and family. I can honestly say Celtics employee Duane Johnson (who has been there with me since I became a season ticket holder) is a friend of mine and whether I'm there just to say hello, to pass out some Keurig coffee or Ginger Bread Construction Company products, or to do my infamous (and spot on) Richie Powers impersonation, I always feel very welcome.

- John LaRocca of Tewksbury, MA

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