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Celtics Featured Fan is a new feature designed to highlight Celtics season ticket holders and their passion for the team. Throughout the year, we'll profile season ticket holders with interesting stories, rituals and traditions. This weekís Featured Fan is Pride, Player Section season ticket holder, Mara from Brockport, NY. Mara was interviewed by her Account Executive, Brendan Mitchell.

Brendan: Thank you for participating in the Celtics Featured Fan program. It was great of you to find time in your busy schedule of traveling and working. What exactly do you do and where?

Mara: Oh, no problem, Iím very excited. Iím the Director of Admissions for a University in London. I can work from basically wherever. I travel a lot and work from all over. I actually just got back from Italy where I grew up and was able to work from there. I split time between New York and Italy growing up.

Brendan: How long have you had your season tickets?

Mara: The 2010-11 season last year was my first full season as a season ticket holder. I had a playoff strip the year before for the playoffs when we went to the Finals and then started up the full season the following year.

Brendan: Why did you initially purchase tickets?

Mara: Basically for better access. Living in New York, I obviously canít make every game, but still like to attend between 25-30 games a year. And purchasing them through various outlets was just ridiculous and difficult so I decided to get the full season package which was much more affordable and convenient.

Brendan: Who do you usually go to the games with?

Mara: For the most part I go to the games with my mother. She lives in New York as well. Itís a 6 hour drive for us but so worth it.

Brendan: Do you have any game day routines or traditions?

Mara: We usually make the game with not much time to spare. As I said driving in from New York it takes us about 6 hours so we normally check into the hotel, grab a quick bite to eat at Portersí and then go to the game.

Brendan: What has been the craziest moment as a season ticket holder?

Mara: Probably flying in from London for Game 5 of the 2010 NBA Finals against the Lakers. It was the last home game of the year for the Celtics and I just knew I had to make it.

Brendan: Have you attended a Celtics road game?

Mara: I always go to Celtics games in Toronto. It is only about an hour away from my home in New York so I always try and go when the Celtics visit, even the pre-season games.

Brendan: Why would you recommend Celtics season tickets to someone?

Mara: My favorite part personally is the luxury of knowing I can go to any game I want to go. But the whole package is why I would recommend it to people. The access you get is truly amazing. All the different season ticket holder events like the Open Practice and the postgame shoot-arounds. Also the camaraderie you develop with other season ticket holders, as well as the Celtics staff who you work and interact with. You really get to see the team and game from multiple angles.

PHOTO: STH Featured Fan Mara with her mother and Celtics Front Office employee Kara Hutchinson on the TD Garden floor for a season ticket holder shoot-around.

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