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Joel Courtside

Celtics Featured Fan is a new feature designed to highlight Celtics season ticket holders and their passion for the team. Throughout the year, we'll profile season ticket holders with interesting stories, rituals and traditions. This week’s Featured Fan is Veteran, Player Section season ticket holder, Joel from Malden. Joel was interviewed by his Account Executive, Craig Cassano.

Craig: Thank you for being this week's Celtics Featured Fan. How long have you had your season tickets and what made you purchase them?

Joel: We had season tickets on and off for 10 years. I had a friend who was a ball boy with the Celtics who provided us his employee tickets to a bunch of games. I was hooked going to Celtics games and had to purchase season tickets.

Craig: How many games do you attend a year?

Joel: I usually attend around 25 regular season games a year and all the playoff games. I then give the rest of my tickets to co-workers and sell some on TicketExchange.

Craig: Do you have any game night traditions?

Joel: We always go to the Greatest Bar before games. I love the pregame videos they show. It really fires me up for the game. After the game we usually go to McGann’s and watch the NBA games on TV.

Joel and Friends

Craig: Have you traveled to any road games?

Joel: I have been to road games in New York and New Jersey. My favorite moment was watching the Celtics led by Antoine Walker beat the Knicks with my friend, a diehard Knicks fan. I look forward to doing the Texas triangle road trip in the next few years.

Craig: Where do you watch the Celtics Road games?

Joel: I usually watch the road games on my couch on the big TV or McGreevy’s bar on Boylston Street.

Craig: Do you have a favorite piece of Celtics memorabilia?

Joel: I won a 36x36 framed autographed photo from the 2008 Championship locker room from a charity auction. I had bought a raffle ticket from a friend who was attending the event. Everyone in my office and all my friends were jealous.

Craig: Would you recommend purchasing Season Tickets?

Joel: Yes, it gives you the opportunity to go to every game, bring friends to games, and just have a great time. I love taking people to their first game. They always have a blast and are hooked. Actually the two people who sit next to me and behind me bought season tickets after I took them to games.

PHOTOS: STH Featured Fan Joel sitting Courtside and Joel with fellow Celtics fans.

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