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Celtics Featured Fan is a new feature designed to highlight Celtics season ticket holders and their passion for the team. Throughout the year, we'll profile season ticket holders with interesting stories, rituals and traditions. This weekís Featured Fan is Veteran, Above the Rim season ticket holder, Eric from Wellesley. Eric was interviewed this week by his Account Executive, Brendan Mitchell.

Brendan: Thank you for participating in the Celtics Featured Fan program. It was great of you to find time in your busy schedule between work and school. Where do you work and where do you go to school?

Eric: Iím happy to. I work at the Boston Sports Club in Wellesley, and am finishing up my Masters at Bridgewater State.

Brendan: How long have you had your season tickets?

Eric: I originally purchased a playoff plan for the 2005 playoffs. I had some leftover money on my Celtics account then so I decided to buy a ten game plan with that money. Iím such a huge fan and havenít missed a game since í95-í96 so I figured why not go to all the home games and decided to buy the full season plan during the 2006-07 season.

Brendan: Who do you usually go to the games with?

Eric: For the most part I go with my brother to all the games, sometimes my mother or a friend but mainly my brother.

Eric and Danny

Brendan: Do you have any game day routines or traditions?

Eric: We go to Pizzeria Regina in the North End and always make sure we touch the Red Auerbach monument in North Station. I also sometimes wear my Michael Finley jersey and Iím pretty sure weíve never lost when I wore it so Iíll have to start wearing that more often to games this year.

Brendan: What has been your favorite moment as a season ticket holder?

Eric: Iíd have to say going to Game 6 against the Lakers in 2008. After being at every game of the season before when we had the 18 game losing streak, it was just amazing to be there to see how far they came in just a year. As a huge fan seeing them win the NBA Championship in person was just surreal.

Brendan: Have you attended a Celtics road game?

Eric: Yeah a couple times actually. I went to a game a few years ago in New Jersey where the Celtics won. And last year went to Philadelphia where we unfortunately lost. Iím planning on making a little road trip this year to see the Celtics play some Eastern Conference teams on the road.

Brendan: Why would you recommend Celtics season tickets to someone?

Eric: Where do I start? I mean if youíre a fan like me it is just great to be able to go whenever you want to. Even if it isnít every game you still have the access. Also just being part of the Celtics family. You get some once in a lifetime opportunities to interact with the Celtics family, staff, and players. Iíve gotten to experience some of my childhood dreams of taking a shot on the parquet floor, or meeting some Celtics Legends. I actually have a ball signed by over 60 Celtics Legends. Youíre able to do things you could only dream of, plus go to every Celtics game you want to.

PHOTOS: STH Featured Fan Eric with Celtics Legend Tommy Heinsohn and with Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge.

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