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Andy and Family

Celtics Featured Fan is a new feature designed to highlight Celtics season ticket holders and their passion for the team. Throughout the year, we'll profile season ticket holders with interesting stories, rituals and traditions. This week’s Featured Fan is Pride, Above the Rim season ticket holder, Andy from Quincy. Andy is the Vice President in systems for a private bank in the financial Industry. He was interviewed this week by his Account Executive, Patrick Walcek.

Patrick: Thank you for being this week's Celtics Featured Fan. How long have you had your season tickets?

Andy: I used to have season tickets a while ago, then rejoined four years ago.

Patrick: Why did you decide to purchase tickets again?

Andy: I’ve always been a Celtics fan and as a previous season ticket holder, when certain acquisitions were made, it made me join back up again.

Patrick: How do you utilize your tickets?

Andy: We split the tickets amongst friends and family, but when I go it’s typically with my sons, Doug (22), Brendan (19), and Drew (14).

Andy and Cousy

Patrick: What has been your favorite moment as a season ticket holder?

Andy: The Championship game in 2008 is hard to argue against. But the Chicago series, which I attended with my son, was outstanding. Also, I was at the playoff game when Bird hit his head, and watching him come back out was awesome. The crowd noise when he came back still hasn’t been matched and I get chills thinking about it to this day.

Patrick: Would you recommend Celtics season tickets to someone else? Why?

Andy: Yes and I have! That’s how we got people to go with us. 1) The product is good; 2) The game experience is great - I’ve never brought someone to a game who hasn’t had fun, even if they aren’t a basketball fan; 3) Watching your kids enjoy it and creating family value; 4) I really enjoy the loyalty that is shown to season ticket holders.

Patrick: Do you have any game day routines? Pre/post game routines? Superstitions? Celtics traditions?

Andy: The kids have to all wear a Celtics shirt. If we go to a game we lose we no longer use those shirts! We do typically go to a restaurant before to grab a meal. It really is about the family sticking together & having a good time with my kids. At home we’ll wear Celtics shirts while watching games. And before we leave the house for a game we’ll get together with a “Go Celtics” chant of some sort.

Patrick: Do you have a favorite piece of Celtics memorabilia?

Andy: My mother-in-law bought me a model replica of the old Garden and it has the parquet on it and I loved the old Boston Garden. A lot of my memories as a kid were from there and having that replica model brings back a lot of great memories.

Patrick: Have you ever met a Celtics player or Legend?

Andy: We've been able to met some Legends at the postgame shoot-arounds, which have been very good. I also worked at the Dave Cowens basketball camp one year, and I think he's just an awesome guy; he was always one of my favorites. Cowens sliding on the floor, every time I see if I still get chills.

PHOTOS: STH Featured Fan Andy with his family at the TD Garden and Andy at a meet-and-greet with Celtics Legend Bob Cousy.

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