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Celtics Featured Fan highlights season ticket holders (STH) and their passion for the team. Throughout the year, we'll profile season ticket holders with interesting stories, rituals and traditions. This week’s Featured Fan is All-Star, Above the Rim STH, Karen from Arlington. Karen was interviewed by her Account Executive, David Cohen.

David: Thank you for participating in the Celtics Featured Fan program. When did you get your season tickets?

Karen: I was on the waiting list for about 9 or 10 years and my husband got the call in 1992. My husband purchased them and gave them to me for our 25th wedding anniversary. Opening Night was 2 nights before our actual wedding anniversary and I couldn’t wait to go! What I didn’t realize is that my children had already planned a surprise anniversary party for the exact same night. Needless to say I had to miss my Opening Night the 1st season because family comes first, but I haven’t missed too many games since then! I have been coming to games since the 60s and I have been a season ticket holder for about 20 years.

David: How do you utilize your tickets?

Karen: I try to get to about 30 or so games per year. I typically bring family members. My children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews all love to attend games. When I can’t go I usually give the tickets to my family members. Before I retired, I used to give them to students.

David: That is very nice of you! I wish one of my teachers gave me Celtics tickets when I was in school! I know that you have been coming to games for about 50 years. Do you have a favorite Celtics Legend?

Karen: Don Nelson might be my all time favorite player. I also love John Havlicek. He is a classy guy, he had a defined role, and always did exactly what was expected of him.

David: Do you have any pregame routines?

Karen: Yes, I guess you can say I’m a little superstitious. I always enter the Garden through the same door. Next, I come up to Guest Relations to say hi to you and the other Celtics reps. Then I enter the arena through loge 3 and make my way down closer to the court to stand behind the Celtics bench for warm-ups. Finally I go up to my seats in section 325. I also always wear the same hat.

David: Do you have a favorite piece of Celtics memorabilia?

Karen: Yes, I am an avid collector. I would say that there are 3 items that are my favorite: I have a Paul Pierce autographed shoe that I received last season on Fan Appreciation Night, I have a limited edition Wheaties box signed by Larry Bird, and I have a basketball that is signed by almost every Celtics Legend. I got the Legends ball at a season ticket holder event.

David: Speaking of the Paul Pierce autographed shoe, you’ve told me that it made its rounds last summer, right?

Karen: Yes! My nephews, nieces and grandchildren have taken it to high schools, junior high schools, and show-and-tells. I brought it with me this summer to the Falmouth Road Race and Walk, several golf tournaments, the American Heart Association Walk, the Arlington Boys and Girls Club, church, and even to Canada! Everyone loves it and wants to take pictures with it!

David: What is the most memorable game that you have attended as a season ticket holder?

Karen: I would say Opening Night of the 2008-09 season. That was the night that the 2008 Championship Banner was raised to the rafters. Out of all the decades that I have been coming to watch Celtics games, it was the 1st time that I saw a Championship Banner raised to the rafters. Because I was a season ticket holder the previous season, it felt like I was actually part of that Championship so it was extra special.

David: What is your favorite part about being a season ticket holder?

Karen: I’m just happy and grateful to be able to come to Celtics games with my family. Growing up I always wanted to be a season ticket holder but never thought it would actually happen. I’m just so happy to be a Celtics season ticket holder! I never thought I would have them! My goal for the upcoming season is to sing the National Anthem before a game!

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