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Celtics Parquet Pass & Digital Ticketing - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How do I use the Celtics Parquet Pass?
A. Using the Celtics Parquet Pass is simple, just present your Celtics Parquet Pass card at the turnstiles. An usher will swipe your card and print your tickets for the game, which will have your seat location(s).

Q. What if I do not want to participate in digital ticketing?
A. You may opt out of digital ticketing by contacting your Celtics representative. A fee of $20 per seat will be assessed to any account opting out of digital ticketing.

Q. Can I print my tickets?
A. To print your tickets, simply log into Account Manager as you have in previous seasons. Follow the prompts to print your tickets as PDF documents.

Q. Is there a charge for printing my tickets?
A. There is no charge for managing your tickets online. Account Manager is a free service for season ticket holders.

Q. How do I forward or email tickets?
A. To transfer your tickets, simply log into Account Manager as you've done in previous seasons and follow the prompts. Once you transfer your tickets the recipient may choose to print PDF documents of the tickets or load the tickets onto a PID such as a credit card.

Q. I share my season tickets, can we get additional Celtics Parquet Pass cards?
A. Information about the availability of additional Celtics Parquet Pass cards will be communicated during the off-season.

Q. What if I lose my Celtics Parquet Pass?
A. If your Celtics Parquet Pass is lost or stolen, you should contact your Celtics representative immediately. The Celtics will void that card and you may purchase a replacement card for a small fee. Your online ticket management through Account Manager will not be affected.

Q. How do I post my tickets for resale?
A. To post your tickets for resale through the Resale Marketplace, simply log into Account Manager and follow the prompts.

Q. How will I receive my 2014 Playoff tickets?
A. Information about 2014 Playoff ticket delivery will be communicated during the 2013-14 regular season.

Q. Will I receive any printed ticket with my seat location?
A. When your Celtics Parquet Pass is presented at the turnstiles, a ticket will be printed for each seat with the specifc seat location printed on the ticket. This slip will act as your ticket for the remainder of that particular game.

Q. If I have an issue with my Celtics Parquet Pass on a game day, who should I contact?
A. Day of game issues can be handled by Celtics staff members at window 2 at the TD Garden Box Office. You can also call the Celtics Front Office at 866-4CELTIX (423-5849).