Quicken Loans Arena

1 Center Court
Cleveland, OH 44115
(800) 820-CAVS (2287)
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Brad Sims Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer
Dionna Widder Vice President, Ticket Sales & Service, Sales
Mitch Ried Senior Director, Business Development
A.J. Bondi Senior Director of Retention
Membership Activation Team
Abbey Mathis Manager of Membership Activation
Michael Drobnick Membership Activation Specialist
Mark Truesdell Membership Activation Specialist
Mela Moatz Membership Activation Specialist
Marina Medic Membership Activation Specialist
Suite Sales & Service
Corey James Corporate Hospitality Exec and Mgr of Organizational Sales
Jan Shupe Suite Services Event Manager
Amanda Gurney Manager of Suite and Premium Experience
Joanna Gay Suite and Premium Experience Account Manager
Shari Lindenbaum Senior Premium Event Specialist
Business Development Team
Eric Clouse Senior Director, Business Development
Kent Kohlenberg Business Development Specialist
Craig Frederick Business Development Specialist
Dan Halley Business Development Specialist
Dan Maret Business Development Specialist
Mark Schoppe Business Development Specialist
Ken Meredith Business Development Specialist
Premium Sales
Josh Baker Director of Premium Sales
Chris Schons Senior Premium Sales Consultant
Sergio Magallanes Premium Sales Consultant
Matthew Korte Premium Sales Consultant
Andy Bradshaw Premium Sales Consultant
Group Sales Team
Scott MacDonald Sales and Youth Sports Manager
Brandon Lawrence Group Sales Manager
Buck Miller Group Event Specialist
Jimmy McNamara Group Event Specialist
Jessica Vella Group Event Specialist
David Kodish Group Event Specialist
Mark Mazzagatti Group Event Specialist
David Kodish Group Event Specialist
Justin Lehrbaum Group Event Specialist
Business Intelligence Group
Damion Chatmon Director, Business Intelligence
Carlos Orjuela Senior Manager, Analytics
Kevin O'Toole Senior Director, Business Intelligence
Jeremy Halek Manager, Database and CRM Intelligence
Mikel Davis Business Analyst
Kelly Myers Business Analyst
Sales and Service
Meghan Javorek Manager of Special Events
Annie LaGreca Manager of Sales & Service Operations
Emily Wypyszynski Senior Sales & Client Services Coordinator
Austin Toli Group Service Account Executive
Ticket Operations
Ron Velazquez Director of Ticket Operations
Mike Tillia Ticket Operations Manager
Bayley Haberman Senior Ticket Operations Representative
Chris Gervase Senior Ticket Operations Representative
Rhett Wennes Senior Ticket Operations Representative