Cavs Fans, What Are You UpTo?

Thousands of Events. One Social Calendar.
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Cavs and UpTo

Cavs fans, mark the date as the one when the Cavs and UpTo rocked your social world! Let us introduce you to our new partner, UpTo, the nation’s leading social calendar platform, and the first ever to integrate your personal calendar into the exploding Social, Local, Mobile (SoLoMo) application space. UpTo also gives Cavs fans a great new way to see what’s coming up with the team and the entire franchise.

Simply put, this pioneer social network has unlocked the power of the calendar!

UpTo provides users the tools to discover and organize all upcoming public events as well as their own private schedule in one place with clarity and accuracy. By integrating it with their phone calendar, they can then share what they’re “up to” with who they want, when they want, before the event takes place. While social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare lets users connect about the past or present, UpTo is about connecting with friends on their upcoming plans and any future public events. In addition, UpTo will feature calendar streams for other events happening in and around downtown Cleveland.

What’s even cooler? For Cavs fans, UpTo offers an innovation new way to follow the team like never before. Although UpTo gives users the option to follow the game schedule of any major professional sports team, the Cavs are the FIRST to invite you to have unprecedented access to all of the team’s events, promotions, and announcements. You’ll know about Cavs’ player appearances, charity events, detailed broadcast information and more… because all of this can be accessed seamlessly through the UpTo app.

“We’re very excited to partner with UpTo to provide our fans a unique and highly effective way for them to connect with the Cavaliers and with each other,” said Brandon Jirousek, Cavaliers senior manager of digital content and operations.

The first of its kind in the social media realm, this forward-thinking (literally) social calendar app quickly caught the interest of Cavs majority owner Dan Gilbert, who soon invited the company to join the Quicken Loans and Cavaliers innovative Family of Companies (learn more about that family here).

“The future tense really interested us,” said Greg Schwartz, founder and CEO of UpTo. “You see that someone is at a café around the corner, but they’re already gone by the time you can get there. When you can share plans and find out what’s coming, it’s actionable.”

By using any calendar that syncs with an iPhone (GMail, Outlook, Yahoo and more), UpTo’s home feed creates a personalized timeline of upcoming appointments and events. It also allows its users to see the schedules of people and events they really care about – family, friends, colleagues, local non-profits, the hometown Wine & Gold – to create one collective timeline.

Think about it – users can check out what their network has coming up on their calendars and engage in conversation within the app about meetings or events they have shared - BEFORE it even happens.

Worried about sharing too much? Don't fret - all calendars are private until users choose to share them with their networks, creating a comfortable blend of social networking and personal privacy.

Giving additional leverage to the app’s benefits, UpTo also allows users to:
• Effortlessly build their UpTo network by adding existing contacts and friends from Facebook
• Organize those contacts into groups and communicate exclusively with friends
• Announce upcoming events though other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
• Follow streams based on interests with the “Discover” feature - from TV premieres, to restaurant specials in Downtown Cleveland, to the next time the Cavs take the court at The Q

Ready to see what the Cavs will be UpTo this year? CavsNation can follow the team all season long simply by downloading the app for free HERE and searching for “Cleveland Cavaliers” on the Discover screen. For more information on the UpTo team, visit, and be sure to check out Schwartz as he talks to CNN about the newest platform out there (fast-forward to the 2:00 mark for the interview).